Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Eve Party

What is the idea of celebrating the start of a new Year? Or the end of a current year?. Maybe it is a way to start anything fresh and new. In reality, the ushering of a new Year is an also a reminder that we have moved one year closer to our eventual passing away from this planet. No matter what is the reality, the convention has been to celebrate the start of each new year. Tibetan Sunday school of community members in Washington D.C is no exception in hosting a well-attended New Year Eve party.

 The New Year fundraising party in Washington D.C features cultural performance and fashion show, solo singing and speeches by Representative Kyedor la.  While the entertainment part of the celebration might not have been the greatest strength of it, the group song by Sunday school kids and fashion show added much color and richness to the party. My kids have taken part in the group song, with much excitement and enthusiasm. Thanks for Mom's care and attention, the kids always feel to be included and become a part of the whole celebration in a big way. The proper dress and other necessary care to the need for our kids would be impossible without the deft hand of my beloved wife.

 Aside from the usual fun and music entertainment, Kydor la's  speech on the responsibility of parents' in teaching spoken Tibetan to their kids at home was well meant and timely reminder. The party host is the Sunday Tibetan School, and the representative stressed on the crucial role parents plays in teaching  Tibetan to their kids at home no less than at the Sunday school. With the example of his son, who is 17 years now, he regrets the failure of teaching spoken Tibetan to him. While the young kids of those parents gathered still have plenty of time for a change and up bring.
 The irony of the Sunday school is that it helps little in teaching Tibetan language and spoken to the kids. All of the kids at school interacts in English, Tibetan is hardly used in their daily interaction. Besides, I have observed myself that parents themselves do not communicate to their kids in Tibetan even at home. Without a conducive environment for learning Tibetan at home on a regular basis, what will be the use of sending them to Sunday school ones a week?. Representative Kydor hits the nail on the head by clearly pointing to a workable strategy in bringing up kids in a Tibetan immersed culture. That is at home. Unfortunately, the Tibetan parents are lacking that wisdom of speaking to their children in Tibetan and making them speak Tibetan in reciprocity fails miserably and of course with it consequence.  What parents do to their kids at home will be manifested in their kid's behavior and personality outside.

 The party is a just a party, but the speech by the representative is worthy of contemplation and attention to solve some of our pressing problem such as bringing kids with the know-how of Tibetan language.   I chided my wife for not paying heed to Kydor la's speech and then proposed to oblige speaking in  Tibetan a part of our daily interaction at home as one of our new year resolutions.  Let see how that will play out.

 Over hundred of DC Tibetan showed up for the party, and everyone was in festive mood ready to rock. The parents of the Sunday school kids have prepared the food, and it was plentiful and delicious. After that the solo song by several ladies that received thunderous audience applause, then to my surprises, and also consternation, I was called by the Master of Ceremony to sing a song, which I had to accept reluctantly.  With my chest tightening and palms sweating I stood on the stage and belted out one of Kunga's song. It was not bad, except little glitch in my recalling of the lyrics, I have at least managed to sing the whole set of the song without showing any sign of uncertainty.  Clip of mine singing instantly went up on Wechat and shared by friends; all applauded me for having a good voice and sing well.  I have dared to venture into a new territory, that I have not explored in my life so far. That is singing the song to an audience.
 The best part of the party is the group dance to the tune of the famous Tibetan dance music, which invites many partygoers to join in the circle dance as is the case in anywhere Tibetan converge. Rather than being a mere spectator, you have to be either drinking and to chat with your mates or standing up and dance with the group. As my kids are having their own fun time, so I chose the later.   My wife looks gorgeous, and she teased me to dance with her smooth sexy movement. Everyone is having the best time of their life.

 As the countdown to new year started on the screen from a New Year live show in our party venue, champagne has been poured in what appears to be a fresh wine glass, but it turns out to be plastic wine glasses (use and throw) for all. As the clock strikes midnight, boisterous cheers erupted, and everyone with champagne in hands went around clincking for the new year and cheerfully greeted and wished one another. That was the crucial moment of the whole night.  Happy New Year!!! Greetings echoes the hallway, and people are hugging and cheering for what reasons I don't know. . 
 "Sunday School's New Year Eve party was a fun-filled party in both letter and spirit; my kids are tired and falling sleeping. When the young ones go to sleep on my lap, I take her out to leave, but ones outside the noisy hall, she walked up and requested "can I stay little bit  Daddy". Not willing to spoil her the festival mood, I  waited and waited for my little one on my lap, after until after 1:30 am and returned with the entire family to a home .Exhausted from the party, we went to sleep, and I had only three hours to lay down before getting up to go to work the next day".
 Goodbye, 2015, May the New Year 2016 bring more exciting news.

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