Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fact vs Fiction

The July 5th Sunday unrest in Xinjiang and subsequent ethnic clashes leaves us with many unanswered questions. But based on reliable sources of information, that are corroborated, one can come to the following conclusions, that there are facts and also fiction:

Facts: Police opened fire on protesters. Chinese police did not crackdown on Han Chinese mob much as they did to Uigher minorities. The initial protest was largely peaceful. The Chinese did not have evidence to prove that exiled Uigher leader Rabeya Kadeer, instigated the protest.
Uigher did not say they want to kill or beat people, they demanded justice from the authorities. The Chinese government did not give a chance to the peaceful and peacefully started demonstration. The Chinese authorities were responsible for the atrocities.

Fiction: The Chinese local xijiang government put the casualty figures at 184, without specifying who committed this offence. The exile Uighur group says Uigher casualties understated.