Friday, October 9, 2009

Light of Truth Award

His Holiness the Dalai Lama bestowed the "The Light of Truth Award" to U.S humanitarian the late Julia Taff and a Chinese group who signed the open petition, " 12 points of Dealing with Tibetan situation". This was my only opportunity  to see HH while he is here for few days. Being on reporting duty, does not allow you the normal calmness and peace with which you can hear and be blessed by HH. However, I feel I did both.Not only, I have listend to HH speak and be graced with His Presence in hall. At the same time, I did not shun my responsibilities, so I had done all the necessary things for my report purpose.

ICT organized a fantastic award presenting ceremony. His Holiness on the stage was flanked by some very powerful and influntial people, including Nancy Pelosi, actor Richard Gere, former ambassador, former special coordinator for Tibet,  Paula Donbrinsky and Wangli xion.  Author Wang accepted the prize with dignity and defied.  In his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to the originator and composer of the petition Lixiong me, who is serving three year prision term in China and claimed that prize recognizes all the 308 brave people who at the stake of their own freedom, openly supported the petition.  Author Wangli alluded his own possible risk with the Chinese government. The hall packed audience, applauded HH the Dalai Lama's simple and straightforward message, his clarity of thoughts and the divine power of reaching out to all walks of life is just phenomenal. 

Nancy Pelosi says "We are so lucky that  we breath the same air as His Holiness the Dalai Lama".