Wednesday, June 30, 2010

outrageous 15 year

The news of Karma Sangdup's 15 years sentence on "trumped up charge" is shocking. But what is interseting is that his wife Dolkar Tso is doing the right things, by not laying back. She is appealing to higher authorities for review of his sentences. And she is keeping the outside world informed on the development through her blog. Tibetan author Woeser is speaking out and she is as usual very outspoken. I believe true courage is not bowing down when the going is getting tough. An Tibetan expert noted that a man of such statue and influence as Karma Samdup receiving such a harsh imprisonment is an indictor that the victem has offended someone very high up in the Communist Party. In today's China, anything else can be compromised, negotiated and bought by money and connection, except when it is issue of political loyality and adherence. Karma Sandup's case is deemed to be  sensitive and legal observers have voiced concern that China's courts are ignoring legal procedures when dealing with sensitive cases.
No matter how grave is the situation, Karma Sangdup is known better in the world now in jail than when he was out as a free man.
Karma Sangdup have travelled outside China and even have met the Dalai Lama. China might have kept eye on him for a long time.