Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two brother killed.

Feb 09, Thursday. Two Tibetan brothers have been shot dead by Chinese forces in Drango.

fresh protest in Yushul

 The Lhasa Sera monastery monks style of protest, that led to 2008 Tibetan uprising , a similar protest by monks in Trido county in Yushul, ended peacefully,  but it is too early to predict anything.

Tibet's twentith Self immolation
 Rikdzin Dorje (nickname Rikpe) set himself ablaze and in critical condition, age 19, son of the Garpa
Tsongko household in division no.2 of Me'uruma township, Ngaba county.

According to Kyayang:

father is Tsongko and his mother is Dungkar. He was taken away from the site
of his protest by soldiers and police, first to the county hospital and
later to Barkham (Ngaba pref. capital). As of the night of the 8th he was
believed to be on the verge of death, but no clear information on whether he
is still alive is available.
Rikpe is the youngest of six children. He is a humble person, and when he
was a monk, he used to enjoy looking after pigeons. He is a kind person, and
was a hard and persistent worker. He was a Kirti monk when he was younger,
but left the monastery in 2010 and since then has been living at home. His
halfbrother Rabten came into exile and is presently studying at Kirti
monastery in exile.

Chinese flag pulled down

 Tibetans are emboldened by daring protest.

Tibetan protesters have pulled down a Chinese flag, put up posters calling for freedom, and shouted slogans at police in western China, defying a security clampdown following a spate of deadly protests against Beijing’s rule, sources in Tibet and in exile said Tuesday.