Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shen Yun

On Friday evening, soon after work, I hopped in my friend's hybrid new car to head toward Baltimore to see a Chinese traditional arts perfermance. This is unplanned and last minute decision on my part to break the monotonous daily routine for some fresh adventures and to charter a new territory. And I couldnt be merrier watching this fabulous authentic Chinese traditional dance and music show, by a troove of highly talented Chinese professionals artists.

The 30-40 miles of ride from D.C to Baltimore was fun and hilarious.  My friend's carefree handling of cell phone to set the nagivation while driving on high way prompted me to give him a lecture on the risk of multitasking with driving. While he accepts the danger of his unwarranted behaviour, he is little addicted to his smartphone, either it is playing a song and showing a picture or finding the direction.

To enable him focus on the road, we  chatted. Our lady friend who might be well beyond her middle age was jovial, and personal  and compassionate. She didnt want to leave any homeless guy approaching at the traffic light be ignored, and indeed on several occassions dish out a dollar for each with much sense of sympathy and sorry for them. The alms she gives appear to be more to accommolate her merits than to help the reciever of her generosity.

our conversations hovered around the virtues of contentment, the reality of life and the belief in Karma for unexepected turn of event in life, such as firing from work etc and thankfully we spared politics in our discourse. Either because of genertional gap or for some other reasons,  I find it interesting to glean from their talks, their passion in pastime.  Both appeared to be movie buffs.

 Their favourite past time is to turn to TV channels or youtube to listen songs, and sermons and watch movies. I almost felt that I was not in their league. But that didnt turn out to be true, because we all have a penchant for  Chinese tradition, culture and the language. That is why, our excitment for the show we are going was palpable.

it was thanks to our friend L's connection that secured us  free tickets for the show. Understandablly the two us took care of the parking fees and coffes before the performance. Boasting to showcase 5000 years of Chinese tradition in one night, Shenyun was indeed spectacular, and a feast for the eyes and ears. A show trail can be see at this link,

Shenyun performing arts is an endevaour of Falung Gon to perserve the rich Chinese tradtion and customs, and besides to send a clear message via twin goals of raising awarnes and sensitizing the viewers on  the red Chinese government's brutality agasint their practitionars.

The show was mindblowing. A mastery of the finest performing arts, and a talents of the artists are superior. Through a combination of onstage performance and background digitalized screen, through syncronized aimation . The viewers are awed throughout by the agility and precision of the spotless  performance.  Each show is based on a Chinese lengendary tale, or a folklore with didantic lessons.

When I watch something nowadays, I am far more critical than I used to be. For me now interpretation is as important as entertainment. So whether it is a sole performance or a stage act,  the message and actions are designed to  conveyed virtues of Funlong practice and  deify and denigrate, slight the authoritarins.    For them, the fight with the red communist China is a matter of life or death. They minced no words on this.

Interestely through- out the show there was only one show of red colour in the form of  red dragon, that too was destroyed by the mythical Nata character, signifying good triumphing agasint evil. The lyrics of the sole are in praise of Funlong practice. The physical stamina and strength and fitiness of the performers are indications of the result of Fulung pratice, then the audience got it.

I find the their show in conveying the message to the audience are very effective. it is powerful with high potential to impact all viewers.  Media and performing arts are two chosen vehicle to advance their issues and criticize the Chinese communist party. They are doing it very effectively by pouring a mass amount resources on them.    With their similarities in the struggle for freedom for both Tibetan and Chinese people.   Tibetan people should be so proud to have a their charismatic and undisputed leader the Dalai Lama, whose words and wisdom surpases all other vial means of struggle.