Saturday, July 4, 2009


The buddhist concept of emptiness and interdependence is hard to grasp. But by comparing it to the communication concept as a system, there is a clear correlation between the two concepts.
For example, communication as a system means "the essentional components interact each other to function as a whole, or whole is greater than the sum of its parts". There is a similarity to the buddhist concept of emptiness and interdepent. In the book " The wisdom of forgiveness", the Dalai lama explains the terms as such:

"emptiness is just another way of saying that things are devoid of individual, inherent existence. nothing-people, thoughts , cars can independently exist on its own, it is an enlightend way of looking at the world around us. None of us is an island, the world is a vast web of interwined events, people and things. These linkage maybe difficult to say , but they are real, always there lurking just neath the surface."

"Everything in the world -things,people, animals, emotions, objects you name it -is empty. Beceause everything is interwined, there is no independence, nothing exists in and of itself"...
So there is a formula for happiness: emptiness+compassion=happiness
So according to Julia, interpersonal communication is systemic, because it takes place within various systems. All parts of system interact; each part affects all others. In other words, elements of communication systems are interdependent; each variables are tied to the other variables or elements.

No independence on Independence Day

Confined in this cubic, I am struck. People all over America comes out in celebration of America's Independence Day_ it is a day to pay homage to the founding fathers of our nation. A day to reflect on the principles and aspiration of our ancestors, who sacrificed and who toiled to make this nation the beacon of light. It is a day of pride and pompous, that American people in all walks of life join together to appreciate and applaud the greatness of this land. A day that can pull us all together as an American, as a proud citizen of this free world. We Americans rejoice the birth of its country and the liberty and freedom its constitution guarantees. It is long overdue that American pass the torch of this freedom to folks all over the world, where freedom is rare and scarce in their daily routines. Freedom of expression, freedom of worship and freedom of assembly. If Americans can not speak up for those people, whose freedom were trampled upon by the dictators, then Americans too do not deserve the freedom they cherish so dearly. Freedom and independence is a universal, and it is air we breath and the water we drink. These essential elements for our physical survival can not be denied.