Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read to Rear

When my wife was carrying our lovely Tenzin Kunsal in her womb, we visited the doctor frequently. As a new parent, we invested lots of energy and time in understaning what is best for our unborn to be born into a healthy child.

Of all the dos and donst, one thing that Obg doctor and later on the pediatrician says amazes me. They say , read to the small living inside its mother's womb.

because the doctor says it helps the child to develop her brain. If you wants your kids smart, then read to her, so is what the doctor says. My wife dutifully insists me to read and sing song to Kunsal over her protroduing belly. Occassionaly the tricklish movement could be felt under neath my wife's skin. I did read and try to believe that she hears my reading. But my common sense, tells me baby in the womb,can not hear and any outside activities wouldnt make any difference.

What would make a difference is the mother's life stlye, her wellness, and her food intake. Only when the child walked out into this beautiful planet, then probably reading, playing and joking to her works in mysterious ways. I wanted the bond with my child, and that is what i attempted holding her over my bear chest, and make it a comforting bed for her nap. Today, five months later, I could feel the bond was strong. Despite of the physical distance, she remains a constant source of my hope and inspiration and love.
I dont know about reading to the unborn, which I find pretty hilarious. When someone see my doing that, they may constitute it a sign of queer and something unusual. But reading to Kunsal, now seems to be important and must for us. Thankfully, the public library is such treasure for this activity.

Reading facilities in American: American people have great opportunities for studies, just look at the public library. It says all. People interested in study, have access to all public library and borrow books and all other learning materials. It is such a convenience and unknown to many Asian people. In all these treasure houses, I see mountains of magazine and bulk of books at your disposal. I remember way back in Bir school, where the school library is very small and the lending system is so poor, that afterwhile, library lost most of its books. A raid in students domitories discovered, piles of library books stashed away in the bottom of mental box. What an idoit and unmature act of stupididty by all those irresponsible students.

My experience and observation in the library: America is a country ruled by rules of law. In America, every people follow system and everyone is very well scrutinized. No one escape from the grip of a system.So people have to think twice before doing any thing immoral and unethical. Ones a library books are borrowed, its borrowers' responsibilities to take care of the books. Late return are fined. And there is no way to escape or steal a book. It is well protected through a secure network of system.

At this Oakton libary it was a such delightful sights to observe. All these innocent little angels and prince having their time. A mother sat in a comfortable armchair, two of her kids, a boy and a girl, climbed over the chair and hanging to the Mom, one to each side. The gracious mother was so attentive in her reading. She was holding a child's book, which appears to contain many pictures and drawings. As the two clowns look on, the mother picked up her reading. She read in a medium volume, awaring not to disturb the others in the libary, while also awaring that her two armies hear her reading .

The kids have a limited span of attention. Their concentration on the reading was frequently, disrupted by other movements and thinkis crop . They become restless and momentorily dash out to here and there. The mother was transfixed on the book., unaffected by her kids' playfulness. The act of consistency works. For the kids return to the Mom after a break , then they continue to listen to Mom and even pointing fingures at characters in the book. They were immersed in the readings. That is what you could see at least.

The mother is not commanding, she is very obedient to her two bosses. Maybe this is a good example of taking care of the kids and doing good to them. While allowing them freedom, and let their imagination and creativities put to work, the mother facilities their understanding. After a good portion of time, and reading, then the mother and kids walked out of the library, very pleased and with a sense of satisfaction.

Brings kids to the library is one of the best pasttime a parent can have along with their loved ones. and I was told by a colleague, who is a parent of three kids, that kids need to constantly involved in activities and outdoor activities. Without any events, and they leave them at home, they spend the whole day watching the TV. I certainly wouldnt let my kids to spend their time this way. I would creative conducive atmosphere for reading and learning for them.Reading to rear a child is a the best and most profound way.