Monday, December 7, 2009


Is Tibetan issue foundamentally an issue of livelihood?

2008 was a turning point, a mile stone in Tibetan freedom movement. The massive uprising  was unsuccessful in bringing the desired changes in Tibet, and the Chinese government remained unperturbed. The Chinese government were quick to blame the unrest as  planned and orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and his exile governments. Bejing goverment also downplayed the massive  protest as as unrest by few Tibetans. The reality was,  it was one of the biggest ever protest, involving all Tibetan areas under China.
Despite of the magnitude of the event, why the Chinese government didnt barge an inch? Bejing government didnt  see it a big issue, because they could play one section of the Tibetan against another. They have Tibetan loyalists, who wag their tails to the Chinese bosses. The biggest shortcomings of the protest was when all Tibetans were not united in this protest.