Thursday, August 19, 2010

Far Apart

I was watching some of the recent Kalon Tripa candidates debate on Youtube. What pop to my mind is that one of these candidates may replace the current incumbent Kalon Samdup Rinpoche, can they really replace him?  My answer is no. The winning Kalon Tripa candidate will fill the post of CTA's top post, but he or she can not replace Samdhong Rinpoche for the grandeur and prestige that he enjoyed as a premier.  Having listened to Samdong Rinpoche speaks and having a good sense of  Samdhon,s oratory skill , eloquence and  intellectual vigour, I have left with dispair that none of these candidates possess those There is a gulf between current candidate's qualifications and of Samdhong Rinpoche.   I believe that Tibetan people in exile are smart for picking up Samdhong Rinpoche as our first direct elected Premier. He has set a high standard for those to follow. SD is a great pundit politician.
However, there are people, who argues Samdhong Rinpoche was not a smart politician. The criticism are heaped on him for his initiative to privatize exile government owned business entities . Which was a very bold, and desperate  take, and I think it is little too early to conclude its consequences. I agree when Jari Lodi said that because Samdong Rinpoche, the post of Kalon Tripa has become a very prestigious post. But maybe Tibetan exile will find a smart,committed, courageous , and visionary leader in our next election.