Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tibetan Pride

Woeser's blog is the blog that I cant help revisiting. She is such a prolific Tibetan writer, i am awed by the volume of postings on a wide range of topics. Giving my limited proficiency in Chinese language I can not keep up with her daily entries. But there are plenty of thoughtful short articles or piece that attracts me most. Woeser's writings often makes reader to pause a moment to think and reflect on the state of our affairs. It is no surprising that the Chinese officials ousted her from a prestigious post in Lhasa, lest for her searing patriotism reach far and wide among Tibetan official cadres. Now based in Bejing and as professional blogger she churns out reports and opinion pieces on various social issues and particularly matters related to Tibet on daily basis.
Her blog gained its popularity and it has become a portal of news worthy informations for commentators, analysts and journalists world wide.
The Chinese officials might never thought that this is going to be outcome of her expulsion. In the past numerous of her blog sites were shut down. But she managed to host them again reaching out to an ever increasing readerships . I assume that her blog is accessible within China and Tibet, so Chinese educated Tibetan who has access to internet might be aware of her blog and browsing its content stealthily. Mainly written in Chinese Mandarin, i wonder the kind of impact her postings has on China's millions of Internet users. She has a sterling reputation as a writer of integrity in Tibetan exiles, and she was conferred several awards to that effect. I assume she has earned her spot even among the Chinese intelligentsia. A petite bespectacled Tibetan woman with the heart of lion has sparked a silent revolution and its effect on the conscious of the readers is unfathomable.
I came upon on one of her recent pieces titled " Being a Tibetan, what is to be proud of " (This is what i interpret and it could be wrong). Based on my limited knowledge in Chinese, I tried hard to read word by word and get the gist of her deliberations. Woeser argues that being a Tibetan there is nothing to be proud of, giving the current state of affair. She said the ancient culture, the ancient language, and the ancient customs we practise and cling to so dearly, was the legacy of our forefathers. The present Tibetan generations havent contributed anything worth mentionings. What will be our legacy to the future generations? so it is the posterity that will determine our Tibetan pride. (Giving the place and circumstance under which she writes, i think we need to interpret her ideas not literally but figuratively). To be continued....