Monday, August 17, 2015

Family Reunion

My wife and kids are away on vocation in Calgary, Canada for the past 20 days. They are returning tomorrow and I am excited to pick them at the airport. When they are vacationing, I have equally enjoyed myself with all the things that I like to do independently. Without  my family at my side, I have all the time to myself. and I use my time to my satisfaction.

As always, I hope that my wife and kids have the best of their time in Calgary with beloved aunty and their family. They went out for a sightseeing to some of the most attractive places in Calgary. Stayed over night in hotel and dipped in hot spring I guess.  Seeing the nature in its glorious form, with pristine blue sky and fresh blue lake must be very soothing to their senses. My kids have seen so much things in their so young age. They must have understand lots of things now, gained experienced, and see the wide world in its various shape and forms. The things that my wife sent me occasionally shows their chillax in a yard doing barbecue,  riding a boat in a blue lake, and sitting in a boulder near by a river, and running on the river bed.  It is all full of fun, and lots of activities.
So there is no doubt they are fully recharged for the semester to start and my wife too must been relieved from all the stress of life in taking care of the kids.

While they have lots of fun in vacationing in Calgrary. Such as meeting relatives, friends, and eating out and dining with family relatives or so.  But my concern is for Tenzin Kunsal's reading. My wife promised me to make Kunsal read during holidy.  However, when I call to inquire about it, she doesn't seem to bothered it much.  Kunsal is watching movie in downstair , or she is playing with her friends.  So this pissed me off. Kunsal has become very good in reading, after attending her summer reading class. But now without letting her do anything on read,  how she could catch up with her reading. My wife promised something nice and beautiful before she leaves, but she has failed to deliver her promise, by making reading a part of Kunsal's daily activities.  I am dismayed by this.

Over the phone, she has told  me that now, that vacation is over, so at home I will take over to teach Kunsal read. I will be glad to do so. But reading has to be consistent and there shouldn't be any lax in this reading habit

During their holiday, I have fun time in my own way. For me, to nourish my thought, I have read the books and to pump my body, I have done workout at Gym, and went to eat outside. I have disconnected all my services of internet at home, and thus able to do my works productively.
Now they are back, and I am happy and relieved.  It is true, distance makes memory fonder and more cherishing.  

While driving back home after I pick them at the airport, I asked my daughter Kunsal, what is the best thing she did while in Calgary.  Her response blow me off, "Dad, my best thing is that you are with me now".