Monday, June 27, 2016

Grappling WithThe Theft of Car

An exhausting day with my kids has drained me physically after taking them out to library, picnic and play. Blame it or not thus, I forgot to lock the car, which led to theft of my Toyota car.

 This morning Tuesday, 21st  I woke to find my car stolen from our assigned parking lot in front of my townhouse. I didn't realize it until my neighbors, who run to me and told that someone has rummaged her car, and she called the police and asked me if I would check my other cars for any suspicious activities.

When I looked into my Honda CRV. To my utter astonishment, the doors were ajar. My wallet is thrown open on the front passage seat, and other stuff in the car in the driver seat is thrown open with an apparent sign of ransacking in the driver's seat side holder. Only then I realized vaguely, that my other Toyota Corolla car is missing. I rushed back to my house and informed my wife if she is aware of what happened to our car. I was in a state of delirious and panic attack. I couldn't believe it, that your car could be stolen in front your house.

 Now after several hours while sitting in the car, that I recall something. Last evening, when I took the kids to picnic, I left my wallet and our Toyota vehicle key back in the Honda car, because it was felt heavy and my pocket was bulging. So the possibilities are that when the thieves get into my unlocked Honda CRV car (I always thought the car lock automatically) then they found the spare key for the Toyota, and making it easy to steal