Thursday, March 10, 2011


You can beat me dark and blue, but our yearn for freedom will remain unwavering. Nepali policemen are "extremely aggressive", said by an eye witness in Kathmandu. The video clip testify Nepali police violently lash out against Tibetan protesters, without any provocation. They are no different than the Chinese policemen  in Tibet.

Dalai Lama cede political power

 Not matter what the media pundits and analysts speculate, the Dalai lama is paving way for the continuity of Tibetan struggle by squarely putting the responsibility on a new breed of leadership. The Dalai Lama renouncing his ceremonial power is  hard for the Tibetan to digest. But as Holiness said, the exile democracy has fully matured and now is the time. I agree to what the BBC correspondent in Bejing said
"By devolving political power, the Dalai Lama is trying to ensure Tibetans will have an elected leader they can look to, who is outside China and beyond the Communist Party's control". see the detail article.
Tibetan exile should be proud of having such a beloved and most progressive leader. Who nurtured the exile Tibetan democracy to its full potential and now letting it stand on its own feet. Bejing will have  sleepless night. As a spokewoman of Bejing said this is a "trick" to international community. Dalai Lama possess a vision and political will that frighten the communist leaders.
I believe Tibet China conflict is a race against time, with a robust exile democracy, Tibetan can waite for decades and democracy will win eventually.

TYC protests