Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ridding of Belly Flab

I am blogging at the X-sport fitness centre's Internet cafe. When I initially joined the Centre, I thought it is kind of expensive. Now I realize the expense is worthwhile. The Gym is open 24/7 and it provides some excellent amenities. Besides all the clean art of the state fitness equipments, members gets personal trainer for the first few weeks.

Any lousy person can get something to work out based on her or his physical need. I enjoyed the lifting, boxing,running and to wind up the workout with a dip in the swimming pool. When the basket ball court is available, I enjoy to give few shoots and demonstrate my own dribbling and other few gimmick. There are times I feel my stamina has lost somewhat, but then I push myself a little more and that is all required to keep me going on. There are classes for cycling, dancing, yoga etc. It is extremely encouraging to workout in such a pristine environment.

I remember a cliche from my school teacher, who used to say "if money is lost, nothing is lost, health lost is something lost, and character is lost, everything is lost". But i would counter this adage and would say, that if health is lost, then everything is lost. Without the physical health, there is nothing to bear the character.

Americans care much about physical wellbeing, and women are obessed with their physical appearance. As movie stars and all the celebities are very toned down in their outlook, which has an impact on the socity and the poeple that live in it. To be called as hot, ladies have to be skinny and blonde. My observation is that the fitness centre is a thriving business in America, because the demand to look muscular or women and skinny for woman is high, which shows people care for physical wellbeing. This is one of the healthy trend that I see here in America.

When I was in TCV upper school, I used to jog in the morning. I encounter few Tibetan people on the way to Dal lake , including TCV education Director, who also run for miles everyday.From my own experience, physical exercise is extremely good for our brain. Besides stimulating our blood circulation, it is very relaxing, and rejunating. After a good workout each time, I feel ready to work using my brain.
My latest physical check up revealed that I am normal and have no problem with anything. The doctor asked me what I used to do, and when I said "exercise", and then he said, dont give it up. "Do what you used to do". I think that is a very sound advise.

Good physical workout can prolong your life and give you the extra energy for the day.

Whatever money you spend for your gym membership is a good investment. The return is measureable in terms of your physical wellness and mental health:a more happier person with more confident.With good physical health, it reduces your doctor's visit, which in turn saves you money. Person with no regular exercise, overweight and over 50s, is likely to face high blood pressure and other problem. Which can be very costly. So you calculate it, being healthy leaves you richer, whereas constant health or chronic health problem is not only give you strain on your pocket,it even can cost you your life.

In conclusion, exercise boost your confidence, keeps you fit , and makes you happier. No exercise, a number of other health problem can arise, which can be very costly for you emotionally and financially. So there is no reason a person with right mind shun physcal exercise for any other vocations.