Saturday, August 7, 2010

Voter Registeration

The registration to vote for Chetue and Kalon Tripa officially ends in Mid August. The election commission in Dharamsala announced the dates of registeration period for two months. It begins in June and closes in mid August. I believe the current registeration proces is even though not the most effective, still every attempts are made to attract maximum voter registeration. The registeration period has extended compare to early registeration. Family members or a representative of a group can  register for their siblings or children who are absent at home. On top of that, Tibetan NGO, media and communities have announced the registeration period loudly and clearly.  Yet why there is such a lukewarm response to voter registerations? In Dharmsala, voter registerations were estimated around 75%, sometime ago. And it is hoped that other Tibetan settlement and communities in India subcontinent are seeing higher  voter registeration.