Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaking pot

Ones upon a time, an Indian man lives on the hill.He brings water from a stream at the bottom of the hill for use at home. He fetch the water regularly-so used to it that he doesn't feel the weight of it. Indian people use a pair of pot to fetch water.When he purchased the pair of  pot, one has a crack and the other one is in perfect condition. The perfect pot always brings a full water to the family, but the pot with the crack has only half of the water when getting to home, because the other half has leaked on way.Therefore he managed to fill only half water. In this way two years have passed. The perfect pot is not only proud of its achievement, but has complete sense of pride.But the other pot with a crack was very embarrassed of its inborn blemish, and a sense of sadness descended on it.  One day , the leaking pot said to the Indian man when he is  at a river bank. " I feel very embarrassed and I would like to apologize'.