Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dalai Lama's Birthday

Tibetans in diaspora were celebrating the 74th birthday of H,H the Dalai Lama in many ways. All the offices of Tibet in different countries and continent host receptions for dignitaries and Tibetan supporters. While Tibetan masses celebrate the joyous day of HH's birth with great fanfare. Thousands of Tibetans were converged in NY city, and the celebration began on Saturday 10:00am and keep going on till Sunday. It is marked with speeches by the representative of HH the Dalai Lama, followed by breathtaking cultural shows by young Tibetans.

"You might be in the world's biggest financial city, NY, but with this impressive show of Tibetan traditional songs and dances, there is an feeling of Tibetan identity being kept intact in the west" as says by the organizer of the two day events. The huge gatherings signals Tibetan people's unwavering trust in HH the Dalai Lama's leadership, it is an exhibition of Tibetan people's loyalty and love for their beloved spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. The day two, Tibetans have gathered in Central Park, where the partying continues with Tibetan song and dance and other merriment.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C the capital area of Tibetan associations for the first time celebrates Dalai Lama's birthday by taking into heart his preachings on warmheartedness and compassion. The organization would host a reception for the homeless in Washington D.C . A treat these disadvantaged people do rarely get in their entire life. Members of the organizations, donated foods and money for the homeless. "On his Holiness's birthday, it is an unique opportunity to accumulate good merits. With the economic recession, these homeless people were also affected with dwindling donation of money and food, we believe this is the perfect time to make them feel good", says Tse Lhamo an organizer of the reception for the homeless, speaking through her cell phone on the way to the receptions. She says, the Dalai lama has urged Tibetan people to take social works. Even it is just for a day,we want to make the homeless people at home by creating a sort Tibetan environment with Tibetan decorations, and on top of that a Tibetan food for them.
This is just the beginning of the celebration, July 6th, which is officially tomorrow, and Tibetan worldwide will celebrate their Messiah's birth with prayers and party.