Sunday, September 5, 2010

Candidates & Cadence

News commentators say one of Obama's greatest political strength is his oratory. And he has won the presidency by way of words. Now in president's office, Obama speaks like a law professor, beginning his speech in a dull and monotone, and explaining the technical issues , his nonchalant manner has infuriated the public or for that matter, his rating nosedived.

an impassioned eulogy can bring us to tears,an humorous speech can make us a good belly laugh,  an inflammatory speech can make us enraged. The power of public speaking to inspire, to influence and to energize the public is undeniable. At a time of economic crisis in America, some inspirational messages are much needed to uplift the spirit of American. The Tibet nation is dying and its people have reached an important crossroad. The Tibetan people have the choice of being a  passive spectator to the slow but steady death of the nation in the jaws of communist dragon, or fight back with all its might and die in the battle field. Tibetan people needs inspirational speakers with great oratory skills, speaker who can move the people to act, and a speaker who can make the Tibetan people aware of  the fire on head. As I am following the Kalon Tripa candidates speeches, and debates. I yearn that at least one candidate will exhibit the fury of oratory.  I remind all the candidates as widely approved in the west that , that they should campaign in poetry and govern in prose.