Friday, July 24, 2009

Ban on Dalai Lama's protrait lifted?

Some of the exile Tibetan news outlets reported that the Dalai Lama's portraits are now allowed to display in some parts of Kham areas in Tibet. International broadcaster attempted to confirm the news, but so far with not much success. However, RFA's stringer Norbu Damdul in Australia learnt from his sources in Tibet, particularly the region, ?(where the ban on Dalai Lama's photo allegedly being lifted), that there was no mention of the Dalai Lama at all in all the meetings held in Kham Juro and Dangron.

Interestedly, a meeting of sort was held in several locality in Kham, where some Tibetan Chinese officials praised the Tibetan tradition and Tibetan language rooted in ancient heritage.
The news initially came from a monk, in South India, who told some exile media, including VOT, which without a second source or cross check, released the information and quoted by Phayul website lavishly.
Given the Chinese government's current vilification against the Dalai Lama, it is impossible that the Chinese would allow to display the Dalai lama's pictures in Tibet. The early report suggested that the Tibetans were very doubtful of the intention of Chinese government officials for such announcement. If ever there was such thing,then it is a 90 degree change of Tibet policy of Chinese government. In the event of such lift on the banned picture of Dalai Lama's , the world has plenty of reasons to advocate the Dalai lama's peaceful campaign for Tibet. This would also encourage more vocal expression and protest inside Tibet. Or Maybe, the Chinese officials testing the water.

Until now the Tibetans have been worshipping the Dalai Lama in secret, and allowing to display means open loyalty and respect , allegiance to the Dalai lama is officially permitted. Interestingly the vice president of Student for Free Tibet, Tendor la said, though he thinks that the information could not be verified, but if it turned to be true, then this policy must the make of a Central Bejing authorities, as he thinks no local authorities would arbitrarily act in such a way.

Just by using our common sense,there are plenty of reasons that the Chinese government either local or central would not lift the ban on the Dalai Lama picture.

1.Dalai Lama is a symbol of Tibetan identity and Tibet nation. Chinese government perceive anything that revive Tibetan identity is a threat to Chinese community party. The curb on Dalai Lama's picture required to be remain, so that the Tibetan masses would be less distracted from their goodwill of the communist party.
2.In the most recent concluded Sino Tibetan round of dialogue, the Chinese delegations boldly and very arrogantly rejected Dalai lama's leadership for the Tibetan people. It is very apparent that the Chinese officials try to downplay the significance of the Dalai lama in the Tibetan people's lives.
3.Dalai Lama in his march 10th, statement hit out against the Chinese goverment's policy, in a harsh tone, by comparing Chinese policy in Tibet brought "a hell on earth". Chinese leaders were seething by such a statement.
4. The Dalai Lama's popularity and influence is gaining in the west by leaps and bound, a exile leader who stay shoulder to shoulder with the leader of the world's most powerful nation, U.S. China has no intention and willing to give credit to the Dalai lama's reputation, by allowing to put back his pictures in Tibetan homes and monastery.
5. The Chinese local leaders, especially the TAR officials were making a living by accusing and attacking the Dalai lama element as separatist, as evidenced in letter and comments by a Tibetan veteran communist, who still live in Bejing. These scavengers , can not afford to lose their bowls by showing lenience to the Dalai Lama.

These are some simple and straightforward reasons, that tolarence to the protrait or any images of the Dalai Lama is impossible under the current Chinese leadership. Scholars and researchers pointed out the glaring fact that the Chinese wait the Dalai Lama to pass away, for as long as the Dalai Lama exist, so will be the importance and high profile of the Tibetan issue to stay intact.
Whether the unconfirmed news of the Dalai lama's banned picture is true and untrue is insignificant. What require to look in to the issue of Dala lama is simply an illustration of the Tibetan people's greatest yearn for freedom and their beloved spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.
The words around the Dalai lama's portrait, could have been circulated reflecting the intensity of Tibetan people's urge to see their leader or be blessed by the very presence of his portraits.

Simply put it is the Tibetan people's illusion.
What knows, if a local Tibetan in Kham, simply forwarded his wishes of Dalai Lama's picture to an exile, who without much thinking, believed it as a hard concret news from Tibet.

What if some Tibetan, just cooked up the information with the hope that the Tibetan people can now pay their respect and homage openly to the Tibetan's god king ?

This information has raised more questions than could possibly be answered.