Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Idiot Box

Sitting around a small born-fire,the children coaxed elderly family members to narrate a story or fairy tale for the night.It is their only means of entertainment. Then the elderly would clear her throat and began to tell a story. The children listened with rapturous attention and their imagination worked out the details of the scene, plot and characters in the story. This is how a tradition and culture and its valued are transmitted orally through generations. This is the age, where the rustic farmers are out of touch with the idiot box.

The 21century ushered us in age of information bombardment. Television set in every American family has become a necessity and not a need any more. With hundreds of satellite channels, TV provides much amusements and entertainment. But children need to be properly guided in their habit of watching TV .The uncontrolled habit of gluing to the TV for hours and hours will have negative impact on children's development. Whenever I call my cousin in another country, he often complained of his children watching TV and not doing their homework, leaving along for any other fun activities such as reading and out door sport.

His case is representative of what so many other families in America,going through similar problem. Excessive TV watching has not only proved to be a waste of time, this habit of couch potato led to obesity and other health risk, which could be easily avoided by doing more physical activities.

A limited and little bit entertainment by watching ones a while favourite news or show is very deserving and healthy for all. But today's entertainment industry bombarded us with all kinds of informations and entertainment, which we surely dont have a time for. Even for news, there is a constant advertisement we can not escape. The news and entertainment industry are aimed for making profit. So whatever is sexy, scandolous gets more coverage and reports. Audience needs to be more selective in what they watch. It is adviseable to spend less time for that.

There are more healthy stuff that kids and adult can engage in. Out door activities provide an excellent way to keep ourselves heal and hearty. With proper protection from summer, biking, running, playing sports, swimming and hiking were such a invigorating exercise, which are so essential for us physically and mentally. My visit to the public library convinces me that kids can have such a fun environment for reading, and studying in a comfortable environment. There are summer kids reading programs . Which are so well thought out. So parents, adults and kids alike spend less of their time in front the idiot box, it is more enjoyable to go out and savour the beauty of nature and breath a fresh clean air.