Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whethering Storm

 The dark storm comes every ones a  while. The monster storm knocks down  everything on her path. With rising hair and long ugly claw, she dashes around  like a mad cow. uprooting the trees, and scattering dusts everywhere. The only means to pacify this monster is not with a "eye for eye", but by using intelligence and wit. She is possessed by a demon, and only way to bring back peace and tranquility is to ostracize the evil inside. The raging storm appears to be formidable, ferocious and fearful . She has no consciousness, she is extremely destructive.

Owing to the different variables and whether pressure, brewing of  ones a while storm is inevitable. We shouldn't be cowed down by the mother nature. We should be prepared to deal with this challenge with wisdom and compassion. Standing up and face the evil, will toughen our person and strengthen our soul. As the saying goes, the secret of success is falling down seven times and getting up eight times. The storm might knock you off, and kick your ass. But when the going is getting tough, the tough is get going.