Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Fallen Hero

"Oh my God", I have yelled out, and I was completely shocked, extremely saddened, when I first read the news of tragic death of Jigme Norbu la. This shocking news has been flashed in most major wire news and they all have attributed his walk for Tibetan independence as a cause for his untimely death. Jigme Norbu meet his tragic end on a Florida highway, when he is walking for global peace and Tibetan independence. He was hit by a sport utility and killed on the spot.

He is dead while on duty. He gave up his life for the Tibetan people. A Tibetan hero's tragic death is  a great loss for peace loving people and those who fought for  Tibetan independence.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Third generation

A sense of camaraderie have been built among these young and third generation of Tibetans in exile. The sense of oneness and one voice and their desire to channelize their energy and time for a cause is completely voluntary act. They are taking parts in demonstrations to voice protest against Chinese leaders' recent visit to Washington D.C. These young Tibetans galvanize resources through fund raising for an awareness and for community activities for the run up to Kalachakra initiation in summer.  Out of the numerous activities under way coinciding  the Dalai Lama's Kalachakra is a basket ball tournament, with participants from Tibetan communities all over America.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Incredible Tsampa

 Jamyang Norbu la's  article on  Tibetan culinary is illuminating and empowering.  I was thrilled to read his  part I  of the article and look forward to read up coming parts too. After going through his piece on Tsampa  I feel great of being a Tibetan Tsapa eater.  We all know what Tsampa and the process of eating,  but JN's writings is extremely lucid, humorous and very telling. This is the gift  of great writer, and essayist. The complete article can be viewed here.


I have also listened to a great song on Tsapa by a Tibetan singer.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Karmapa conundrum

Could the massive overhaul of stashed away cash in monastic residency of Karmapa is stage managed ? are the Indian authorities tipped off by a disgruntled party with ulterior motive ? Is this raid and the discovery of large chunk of cash from Karmapa's office  emerge to be the  iceberg of a bigger set up ? Would this crisis of  karmapa conundrum be a blessing in disguise?  There are more questions whirling around in our mind, than could possibly be answered.

The central government of Indian is probing into Karmapa,s source of foreign currency, including Chinese yuan.  and the legitimacy of land deal and cash possessions. Eventually the result of investigation could lead to two conclusions:
1. Karmapa has no connection with the Chinese authorities at all, and hence Indian government's suspicion of Karmapa will be cleared and that could pave his way to Rumten monastery in Skkimm, and greater freedom of movement for the wise young lama.


2. The Indian government found some suspicious activities of Karmapa that could not be independently verified, hence Indian government's determination to keep a lid on the young lama justified. And his future movement will further be restricted in the future.