Monday, August 31, 2009

The Buddha of Campassion

He calls himself a simple monk,
yet he is no ordinary being,
he is an extraordinary living.

His words are full of wisdom
and his teachings transcends culture and boundary.
his actions speaks louder than his words.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

chit chat

He has a long hair, hair longer than a ponytail. Mr. Z returned from his overseas mission and he is interested to share his experience with the bunch of friend he has. He summoned his buddies for a drink. A guy friend who turned up at the pub also has a seamless well combed hair, that touches to his waist on the back. The two except in their height, all other physical features are identitical. Both has a long and yet rugged humane looking face. Both are well educated and behaves politely with a flashing smile. It is fitting to say the bird of fealther flock together.

Kham Zachuka

A 13 year old Tibetan kid, sang a song in praise of HH the Dalai Lama in front of a crowd on the stage,in the town of Jatsang Shang in Kham Zachugka in eastern Tibet. The kid was arrested,said by a source who has contact in Kham Zachugka.

Subsequently a Chinese flag at a local station was pulled down, that led to arrest of 7 Tibetan as suspects. The source said theses incidents occurred on August 28,2009.But could not confirm if the two incidents were related.

What need to know more about is :

I wish to know, if the kid is a boy or a girl, did she sing the song knowing what she /he was doing. Who are the audience, and under what circumstance it happened. What occassion it was. How many people gathered.

Was the kid immediately arrested and by whom?

when the Chinese flag was pulled down ? when exactly it happened. Did anyone put up a Tibetan flag in place?

What are the names of those seven arrested. Zachug Khag is the place from where 4 of its brave monks took part in the first march 10th protest in Lhasa last year.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dirty Politics

Gyalo Dhondup on VOA talk show. His scathing attack on Tibetan noblemen, and his intacit lash out agaisnt Lodi Gyari.

Who is Gyalo?. I was first introduced to Gyalo Dhondup, at the age of 12 or 13, in a remote hamlet in the far east of Tibet. It was not a face to face encounter, but through a book. My relatives have shown me secretly the autobiography of HH the Dalai Lama "My Land and My People". Leafing through this scared book, which has worn out from handling of too many rough hands, I was shown the pictures of the Dalai Lama and his entourage, looks very imposing and majestic. Then my experienced relative pointed to one picture in the book, and says " That is Gyalo Dhondup". Oh who is that, I looked again, and then I was awed with his physical outlook and invisible courage, I felt that this person must possess.

The name Gyalo Dhondup sound very grand to me. As elder people heaped praise on the elder brother of Tenzin Gyaltso, I started to imagine what he looks like, and slowly I have developed such a great admiration and reverence for the guy. Little did I know about Gyalo Dhondup's role in negotiating with the Indian leaders and American. But for the fact he is the elder brother of our saviour, was enough for me to put him on my head. He has a sound reputation, as a brave and very able person. it was in early 1970s.

Coming into exile in 1990s,I was initially enrolled in Bir school. During one semester at the schoool. Our school was rocked with romour of some political scandale. Gyalo Dhondup was then the Chairman of Kashang. Students in the school have little and limited knowledge and analytical and critical thinking power, and they were easily swayed by outside elements. Some literate Tibetans spotted or read in the news that Gyalo Dhondup was fired from Kashing chairmanship, and students asked little questions why did it happen. They waited no time in mobolizing an army of students and rushed to Dharamsala and protested against this move to remove Gyalo Dhondup. I did not take part in that protest, mainly, I didnt understand what was going on. And even today, I dont know what caused his removal from Khashag, Was it because he made some comments that enraged the other cabinet members? His give and take policy with China is much talked about at the time.

Even though, Gyalo Dhondup has a ability of language to communicate with the Chinese leaders, and the trust of the exile Tibetan government, on top of that being the elder brother the Dalai Lama, yet his dealing and engagment with the Chinese leadership has not been effective and fruitful. He is known to compliment the Chinese leader's hospitality and his amuzement in China during such critical official visit. But he has not brokered anything concrete that has been a breakthrough.

He has been a figure, who has the capability but that capability has not fully funneled for the Tibetan national interest. He is even today, a towering figure. But what he says all , can not be taken seriously.

Recently on VOA Kuling Show, Gyalo Dhondup was asked about his childhood experiece, the recognition of HH the Dalai Lama. The interview was conducted in early May this year, but aired to public three months after. Gyalo Dhondup la's sound were clear, and he seemed to be alert and very alive. Despite of his age, his thinking and memory has not grown that older. he has a photographic memory, otherwise how he could remember all those early childhood experience.

But interestly, near to the end of the show, he started to comment on Sino Tibetan negotiation. He made some scathing attack on the noble men of old Tibet, who were responsible for not allowing land reform. And on Chinese Tibetan negotiation, he was critical of the present exile government and the envoy Lodi Gyari. Gyalo Dhondup appeared to be saying that he has paved the way for the visit of HH the Dalai Lama to Tibet or China, but the exile Tibetan government and the envoys, did not follow up with that instead they turned to some other settlement or discussion, that has raised eyebrow of the Chinese leaders.

if Gyalo Dhondup's allegations were correct, then it was a huge political mistake by the exile government. But it is doubtful, so is the crediability of Gyalo Dhondup's statements. It is fine to make constructive criticism on the governments and its leaders. But Gyalo Dhondup la ones was in the same position to make or break the Tibet issues, and he failed to deliver anything promising at that time.

Now the 2011 Kalon Tripa election is a hot topic in exile community. Gyalo Dhondup's impression of Lodi Gyari as a underachiever or non performer sort of project can be very damaging if the later is to run for the 2011 election. Politics is dirty, and it is every one 's responsibilities to sift if any evidence of Gyalo Dhondup la's accussation are genuine. His statement can not be ruled as not a politically motivated charge.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ridding of Belly Flab

I am blogging at the X-sport fitness centre's Internet cafe. When I initially joined the Centre, I thought it is kind of expensive. Now I realize the expense is worthwhile. The Gym is open 24/7 and it provides some excellent amenities. Besides all the clean art of the state fitness equipments, members gets personal trainer for the first few weeks.

Any lousy person can get something to work out based on her or his physical need. I enjoyed the lifting, boxing,running and to wind up the workout with a dip in the swimming pool. When the basket ball court is available, I enjoy to give few shoots and demonstrate my own dribbling and other few gimmick. There are times I feel my stamina has lost somewhat, but then I push myself a little more and that is all required to keep me going on. There are classes for cycling, dancing, yoga etc. It is extremely encouraging to workout in such a pristine environment.

I remember a cliche from my school teacher, who used to say "if money is lost, nothing is lost, health lost is something lost, and character is lost, everything is lost". But i would counter this adage and would say, that if health is lost, then everything is lost. Without the physical health, there is nothing to bear the character.

Americans care much about physical wellbeing, and women are obessed with their physical appearance. As movie stars and all the celebities are very toned down in their outlook, which has an impact on the socity and the poeple that live in it. To be called as hot, ladies have to be skinny and blonde. My observation is that the fitness centre is a thriving business in America, because the demand to look muscular or women and skinny for woman is high, which shows people care for physical wellbeing. This is one of the healthy trend that I see here in America.

When I was in TCV upper school, I used to jog in the morning. I encounter few Tibetan people on the way to Dal lake , including TCV education Director, who also run for miles everyday.From my own experience, physical exercise is extremely good for our brain. Besides stimulating our blood circulation, it is very relaxing, and rejunating. After a good workout each time, I feel ready to work using my brain.
My latest physical check up revealed that I am normal and have no problem with anything. The doctor asked me what I used to do, and when I said "exercise", and then he said, dont give it up. "Do what you used to do". I think that is a very sound advise.

Good physical workout can prolong your life and give you the extra energy for the day.

Whatever money you spend for your gym membership is a good investment. The return is measureable in terms of your physical wellness and mental health:a more happier person with more confident.With good physical health, it reduces your doctor's visit, which in turn saves you money. Person with no regular exercise, overweight and over 50s, is likely to face high blood pressure and other problem. Which can be very costly. So you calculate it, being healthy leaves you richer, whereas constant health or chronic health problem is not only give you strain on your pocket,it even can cost you your life.

In conclusion, exercise boost your confidence, keeps you fit , and makes you happier. No exercise, a number of other health problem can arise, which can be very costly for you emotionally and financially. So there is no reason a person with right mind shun physcal exercise for any other vocations.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read to Rear

When my wife was carrying our lovely Tenzin Kunsal in her womb, we visited the doctor frequently. As a new parent, we invested lots of energy and time in understaning what is best for our unborn to be born into a healthy child.

Of all the dos and donst, one thing that Obg doctor and later on the pediatrician says amazes me. They say , read to the small living inside its mother's womb.

because the doctor says it helps the child to develop her brain. If you wants your kids smart, then read to her, so is what the doctor says. My wife dutifully insists me to read and sing song to Kunsal over her protroduing belly. Occassionaly the tricklish movement could be felt under neath my wife's skin. I did read and try to believe that she hears my reading. But my common sense, tells me baby in the womb,can not hear and any outside activities wouldnt make any difference.

What would make a difference is the mother's life stlye, her wellness, and her food intake. Only when the child walked out into this beautiful planet, then probably reading, playing and joking to her works in mysterious ways. I wanted the bond with my child, and that is what i attempted holding her over my bear chest, and make it a comforting bed for her nap. Today, five months later, I could feel the bond was strong. Despite of the physical distance, she remains a constant source of my hope and inspiration and love.
I dont know about reading to the unborn, which I find pretty hilarious. When someone see my doing that, they may constitute it a sign of queer and something unusual. But reading to Kunsal, now seems to be important and must for us. Thankfully, the public library is such treasure for this activity.

Reading facilities in American: American people have great opportunities for studies, just look at the public library. It says all. People interested in study, have access to all public library and borrow books and all other learning materials. It is such a convenience and unknown to many Asian people. In all these treasure houses, I see mountains of magazine and bulk of books at your disposal. I remember way back in Bir school, where the school library is very small and the lending system is so poor, that afterwhile, library lost most of its books. A raid in students domitories discovered, piles of library books stashed away in the bottom of mental box. What an idoit and unmature act of stupididty by all those irresponsible students.

My experience and observation in the library: America is a country ruled by rules of law. In America, every people follow system and everyone is very well scrutinized. No one escape from the grip of a system.So people have to think twice before doing any thing immoral and unethical. Ones a library books are borrowed, its borrowers' responsibilities to take care of the books. Late return are fined. And there is no way to escape or steal a book. It is well protected through a secure network of system.

At this Oakton libary it was a such delightful sights to observe. All these innocent little angels and prince having their time. A mother sat in a comfortable armchair, two of her kids, a boy and a girl, climbed over the chair and hanging to the Mom, one to each side. The gracious mother was so attentive in her reading. She was holding a child's book, which appears to contain many pictures and drawings. As the two clowns look on, the mother picked up her reading. She read in a medium volume, awaring not to disturb the others in the libary, while also awaring that her two armies hear her reading .

The kids have a limited span of attention. Their concentration on the reading was frequently, disrupted by other movements and thinkis crop . They become restless and momentorily dash out to here and there. The mother was transfixed on the book., unaffected by her kids' playfulness. The act of consistency works. For the kids return to the Mom after a break , then they continue to listen to Mom and even pointing fingures at characters in the book. They were immersed in the readings. That is what you could see at least.

The mother is not commanding, she is very obedient to her two bosses. Maybe this is a good example of taking care of the kids and doing good to them. While allowing them freedom, and let their imagination and creativities put to work, the mother facilities their understanding. After a good portion of time, and reading, then the mother and kids walked out of the library, very pleased and with a sense of satisfaction.

Brings kids to the library is one of the best pasttime a parent can have along with their loved ones. and I was told by a colleague, who is a parent of three kids, that kids need to constantly involved in activities and outdoor activities. Without any events, and they leave them at home, they spend the whole day watching the TV. I certainly wouldnt let my kids to spend their time this way. I would creative conducive atmosphere for reading and learning for them.Reading to rear a child is a the best and most profound way.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Idiot Box

Sitting around a small born-fire,the children coaxed elderly family members to narrate a story or fairy tale for the night.It is their only means of entertainment. Then the elderly would clear her throat and began to tell a story. The children listened with rapturous attention and their imagination worked out the details of the scene, plot and characters in the story. This is how a tradition and culture and its valued are transmitted orally through generations. This is the age, where the rustic farmers are out of touch with the idiot box.

The 21century ushered us in age of information bombardment. Television set in every American family has become a necessity and not a need any more. With hundreds of satellite channels, TV provides much amusements and entertainment. But children need to be properly guided in their habit of watching TV .The uncontrolled habit of gluing to the TV for hours and hours will have negative impact on children's development. Whenever I call my cousin in another country, he often complained of his children watching TV and not doing their homework, leaving along for any other fun activities such as reading and out door sport.

His case is representative of what so many other families in America,going through similar problem. Excessive TV watching has not only proved to be a waste of time, this habit of couch potato led to obesity and other health risk, which could be easily avoided by doing more physical activities.

A limited and little bit entertainment by watching ones a while favourite news or show is very deserving and healthy for all. But today's entertainment industry bombarded us with all kinds of informations and entertainment, which we surely dont have a time for. Even for news, there is a constant advertisement we can not escape. The news and entertainment industry are aimed for making profit. So whatever is sexy, scandolous gets more coverage and reports. Audience needs to be more selective in what they watch. It is adviseable to spend less time for that.

There are more healthy stuff that kids and adult can engage in. Out door activities provide an excellent way to keep ourselves heal and hearty. With proper protection from summer, biking, running, playing sports, swimming and hiking were such a invigorating exercise, which are so essential for us physically and mentally. My visit to the public library convinces me that kids can have such a fun environment for reading, and studying in a comfortable environment. There are summer kids reading programs . Which are so well thought out. So parents, adults and kids alike spend less of their time in front the idiot box, it is more enjoyable to go out and savour the beauty of nature and breath a fresh clean air.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

face to face with Chinese !!!

"Sooner or later the Chinese will need the Tibetans to rescue their spirits. It is happening right now. See, my grandmother was a Buddhist, my mom is a communist, and I am a Buddhist again. The Chinese and the Tibetans will get along, when the Chinese reached the similar spiritual level as the Tibetans", this is what I was told when I personally made an effort to engage and befriend with a Chinese intellectual. But what popped up in my mind immediately is, if the Chinese need Tibetan to rescue their spirit, then Tibetan surely needs Chinese help to secure their freedom.
After all, this seemly spiritual vacuum for a materialist developed China may be the beginning of an end of a Chinese Tibetan conflict. But I cant help my mind from diverting to the old adage that ‘The down fall of Tibetan is hope and the downfall of Chinese is suspicion". One can only hope that the Chinese interest in Tibetan Buddhism is not an infatuation but endurable, and this spiritual guru and student relationship will expand and last to enable a solution to the Tibet issue.
A much acclaimed August 6-8Th Chinese Tibetan conference "Finding a Common Ground" was held in Geneva. Over hundred of Chinese democracy activists , writers and intellectual, including participants from main land China , met with Tibetan exile leaders in the neutral city of Gevena, in Switzerland. His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke in his inauguration address that he would expect no miracle but hope the conference would strengthen Chinese Tibetan relationship. Exile Tibetan Prime Minister briefed the participants on exile government's approach and policy. He fielded questions from the Chinese intellectuals very impressively which earned him the name of “a man of wisdom” from conference attendees.
At the 3 day conference delegates took turn in addressing the Tibet issues and ways of resolving it. The meeting culminated with a four part common points of agreement .
This declaration summed up the gist of the three day deliberation and also recommendations to exile Tibetan government for future action plan to further strength Tibetan Chinese ties.

Apparently Chinese government was unhappy on this high profile Sino Tibetan conference. Bejing labeled the conference as a plot to over throw the Communist party and even commented that the merge of Chinese democracy activists and Tibetan exiles solidified the strength of their movement. But August 5th article in Xinhua under the name of Yedor, attacked the conference:
" the "marriage" between the Dalai Group and "pro-democracy activists", based on political and economic interests, is obviously a self-deceiving scheme" The article goes on to say:
" their intention was to overthrow the leadership of the communist party of china and to split the People's Republic of China. Such tactics were doomed to failure, "
The conference was very transparent in its agenda. The whole three days was open to international media for scrutiny and even the Chinese official news agency were invited to observe and report on the conference. If this summit of the two people were posing any kind of threat, then Bejing coulld surely sensed it.

`No matter what the Chinese government harangue about this unique meeting of the two people. For exile Tibetan it was a step in the right direction.
It appears that the Dalai lama's address inspired the conference participants to strengthen the Chinese Tibetan people's relationship, and Samdup Rinpoche's encounter and interaction with the Chinese attendees paved the way for clean slate of discussions. It is encouraging that the participants were so interested in Samdup Rinpoche's address, which showed that the Chinese people's long for a democratically elected leader.

This conference was organized by International Reconciliation fellowship and Swiss Tibetan friend is indeed a smart move. There is no doubt that Tibetan peoples’ struggle need Chinese people's support. For example when India was struggling for independence, their British friends' help proved to be invaluable. During Chinese invasion of Tibet, a people's liberation solider surrendered to Tibetan army and fought against the Chinese and he was fondly remembered among Tibetan as Gyal Lobsang Tashi. It is realistic to think that a time will come for Chinese and Tibetan people to stand up hand in hand and together fighting for their basic human rights and democracy.

It is little too early to predicate any major breakthrough from this conference. But such a conference is in the right direction, in dispelling misunderstandings and forging stronger community relationships. So the Chinese government will not be in such position to influence their citizens unreasonably if Bejing Olympics and 3/14 revisited.

It is with such an extraordinary courage and will of the HH the Dalai Lama, an considerable number of Chinese people opened up their mind and at least listen to the Tibetan people's grievances. Lately it has been a usual practices of HH the Dalai Lama at all his foreign tour to meet with Chinese students, citizens and activists. HH Dalai Lama unlocked any barrier for a face to face dialogue with interested Chinese. Even at times, when Chinese students from mainland China were unable to shun the Communist government brainwash and propaganda, refused to listen to HH the Dalai Lama. Such hostile encounter convinced the Dalai Lama more strongly to reach out to the Chinese people by opening the door for people’s dialogue. There are instances of Chinese citizen after meeting with the Dalai lama abroad, upon return to China, was expelled from their institution.

Dalai Lama’s initiative. When HH declared after the failed dialogue, his hope for the Chinese present leadership is getting thinner and thinner; his hope for the Chinese people still remains strong. He acted upon his words and therefore garnered all these tremendous effort to reach out the Chinese people, and i believe it has been reciprocated. On His Holiness the Dalai lama's latest birthday, a host of Chinese people attended the function in Dharamsala for the first time in a formal official ceremony.Yangjang chi, in his address at the conference, confessed that that he did not realize the power of religion, while in China, and now he does, alluding to the Dalai lama's worldwide influence.

Obstacle on the relationship:
some conference attendees mentioned that
the challanges of Tibet issue laid in the intricate network of organs in government, army and buaurcracy. If the Tibet issue is resolved then half million job will go up in smoke. If that is true, then it is a serious issue, as leave along the Chinese's vested interest. Even for Tibetan when something comes in their way for success and ascent to higher ladder, would act the same way. I doubt how many Tibetans were out there who would give up personal interest for national interest.

They would not flinch. However this vested personal is not new,
The veteran communist cadre Bapa Phuntsok Wangyal, has written long time ago to Communist leader Hu Jintao, calling those who thrives under the garb of anti-separatist sentiment as vultures .
Yanja Qinqin's address to the conference:
Acknowledgement of the Dalai lama as the sole legitimate representative of the Tibetans in and out. The Dalai Lama's return to home, to be first solved, before touching on the Tibet issue, Chinese democracy goes hand in hand with the Tibet issue. And the Chinese government was wrong in saying that the Tibet has been a insparable parts of China, for centuries. I think the Chinese participants have shown much maganaminty and heart in agreeing to things, the Chinese government would find incoceiveable.

The Chinese people’s good will and support for Tibet issues is not viewed positively by all as a sign of true support. Even though it was an isolated incident, recently few Tibetan writers protested Wangli xion, who is regarded as a staunch Tibetan support.
Potential outcome of the conference. It needs be clear and thate the Conference, participants of Chinese intellectuals, all of them attended at their own individual capacity. Except Tibetan exiles participants were more representative of the exile government and organizations. But the Chinese attendees are more individual intellectuals and bigwigs. Whose influence could only been felt, through their writing.
Most of the Chinese participants and activists has significant influence among the Chinese people. Most of the attendees would continue to write and explain the Tibetan issues to a larger Chinese audience. A famous Chinese surgeon turned writer, who said that he could only cure the physical well being of a person, as a surgeon, as a writer he could cure the mental well being a person. So the present Chinese intellectual and scholar and writers present at the meetings have the might of their pen to influence Chinese peoples' thoughts and correct their world view and cure the mental illness inflicted by the Chinese government propaganda.
As for exile Tibetan government, it should take seriously the recommendation of the meeting and try to further the steps toward more united approach.
It is an irony, that in such a time of extreme crisis in Tibetan history, the Chinese needs the Tibetan to rescue their spirit. If that is indeed the case, then first the Chinese may help the Tibetan to help them. If the Chinese indeed realize the need for this spiritual salvation from the Tibetan spiritual guru as something enlightening and set aside their Han Chavenist attitude on Tibetan as a barbaric and backward, then maybe it is the time the tide is turning around and no sooner the two people will be one or am I too naïve to think in this line?.

Friday, August 7, 2009

citizen or non citizen

Two young female journalists in shabby dress walked out of the chartered private jet, that former President Bill Clinton and his entourage flew to North Korea to secure their release. Both of them broke down in tears of joy, as a crowd of journalists and camera men showing live picture of their arrival in Sanfransco airport. The young female walked out into freedom and to the embrace of their loved ones. It is very moving to see the reunion of the families after a fearful and long ordeal in a hostile land.

After the two stars walked out of the plane, then audience worldwide see the exit of former president Bill Clinton and his delegates, who met with Northern Korea dictator King for hours. What was exchanged during the meetings were unknown to public.

It was an amazing moment, that recounts the American spirit of resilience and spirit .http://
Two of its citizens were detained and sentenced into 14 years of hard labour, just because they crossed the border illegally while on their journalistic duties. A high powered delegates at the behest of their government went in a private jet to secure their release and bring them home.

It is said that this dramatic release was due to months of intense negotiation involving Obama administration and the reclusive regime of Northern Korean. There is no doubt that an entire nation has thrown its weight for the freedom of its two citizens. This is a honour being the citizen of a great country and it is the greatness of the this nation /America that its citizen can count on times of crisis.

On the flip side of it, the dramatic release of two U.S citizen journalists from North Korea has a different meaning to stateless Tibetan. It drives home the point when you are a stateless refugee, you have no protection and you are a easy prey and vulnerable to the oppressor. leaving along that you have a private jet and a power delegates to come secure you, you are even denied a legal representation, and medical care and shut out from the reach of your family.
There is no much difference between what happened to a Tibetan filmmaker, Dhondup Wangchen and to these highly publicized American journalists. As a matter of fact, Dhondup has do nothing criminal and illegal, he was exercising the freedom of expression and working on film, when he was arrested. China charged Dhondup for "endangering state security" by allowing to express Tibetan peoples true feeling towards the Dalai Lama and Bejing Olympic on a video camera.

How fortunate it would be if Dhondup was born into American citizen, well protected, dignified and very worthy. How unfortunate that he was born into a Tibetan, stateless, protection less and worthless.

Thankfully, the conscientious people around the world, took up Dhondup's case and urged China to release him. There was out pouring of sympathy and support for his release through candle light vigil and demonstrations world wide. But China recognize strength and does not heed to sympathy and show no pity. So the fate of Dhondup Wangchen will not co relate to the fate of two American journalists, who are free and honoured.

This shame and pity of being a stateless Tibetan, might be very convincing for Tibetans to realize the importance of belonging to a sovereign state, and only Rangzen/independence, can give Tibetan the much deserved dignity as a worthy human beings. How can we change this imbalance and injustice in our life time?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Eye Twitching

For several days now, my left eye started twitching in unusual regularity. It occurs mainly when I am in front of my laptop, either reading or writing. In a great sense of curiosity, I rushed to the rest room to have a close look at its movement in the mirror. Then it stopped. I waited for a while hoping that twitching will reccur but in vain. But then back to my table and I start to feed into the keyboard, and glued to the system screen, then the seismic shift under my eyes are again felt . It is playing a kind of cats and mouse game with me.

If I say this strange phenomena to someone in Tibet, maybe there is an explanation or telling either negative or positive omen associated with superstitious belief. As I am typing these words, the twitching again appeared, as if it is aware of my consciousness. I remember, elder people or illiterate villagers in the far remote corners of Tibet, would say without hesitation that when I felt my palm etching, then it is an omen that someone is going to give me a gift. And when my feet heel is trickling it is a sign that I would soon make a trip. I still remember that when your eyes, twitching, then the person you tell this would make a guess of which eyes, and if she/he makes a correct guess, then an explanation or some ominous predication follows, I dont remember what it was exactly. Now I am far away from my native place, and I have no one close by to consult what this eye twitching might be about.

As for me, I have shed off many of my superstitious belief that passed down to me during my early childhood. For example, when my current eyes are twitching, it might not be anything else, other than the positioning of my body and the direction and focus of my eyes, while I sit and type on the key boards. Or It has to something to do with the muscles movement. I wont believe that this is an buzz of anything on its way.

Similarly, when an accident took place, I don't buy it was triggered or caused by some unseen demons or spirit, rather it must have been the result of carelessness of the parties concerned. So scientific inquiry, by seeking truth and using rationality should have the upper hand in any interpretation of such strange and unusual phenomena. This leads me into another topic that has some relevance to my subject discussion, e.g fate. Many people do not fully comprehend, what is fate. As result, our whole attitude toward this fate changes. We become too submissive, we take every unfortunate things as fate, and which is inevitable. My understanding of fate is different.
We should not submit ourselves to fate, as what I understand from HH the Dalai lama's explanation of fate is that it is reversible. As when we change the course of a cause, so will be the impact of the effect. Like wise, fate is not something written and predetermined. The direction of fate can be changed. The bottom line is, let not fate control us, let us control the fate.

Yes, I must confess here, that there some certain phenomena, which has no scientific explanations. So I do believe in miracle, which is beyond our imagination and intelligence to comprehend. My eye witching is only some thing unusual for me. I try to understand its causes and in the process, it takes me back to my homeland and the people I have left behind.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Science and Spirituality

In one of my early blogging, I wrote HH the Dalai Lama is an amateur scientist. After reading his book "The Universe in a Single Atom" convinced me, that he is hardcore scientist, with great scientific insights and interest. The book is a perfect reading for Buddhist and science students. It is a result of his long term interaction with scientists and psychologists mainly at the Mind and Life conference in Dharamasala . The book is a breakthrough to converge Buddhist philosophy and modern science. HH the Dalai Lama's indepth studies of Tibetan philosophy and Buddhism pyschology put him in a vintage point to critically analysis the mystery of modern science. With painstaking research and discourse with some of the world's top minds in science, His Holiness lead the way for a feassible collaboration of eastern philosophy and western science with the ultimate aim of serving the humanity effectively.

This book is a testament of HH the Dalai Lama's quest for scientific knowledge and his desire to find a common ground to understand human minds wholistically. This was clearly put forth In the last page of this well researched science book, " Today, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, science and spirituality have the potential to be closer than ever, to embark upon a collaborative endeavour that has far-reaching potential to help humanity meet the challenges before us.."
Bringing science and spirituality on the same table as how to best serve the humanity is a remarkable feat of HH the Dalai Lama. I am in no position to judge the immense good deeds of His Holiness to the entire human kind, but I came across an interesting article by Sogyal Rinpoche on the contribution of HH to the world ,appeared in Phayul website http://http//