Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year Resolution and yesteryear.

As the year 2016 ushers in , everyone talks of new year resolution. I think it is a good idea to write your own new year resolution. The past is past, what is done can not be undone. What really matters is learning from the past and move in a right direction. I will write another blog to details the specific new year resolution for 2016.  But here I would like recall the major milestone of my life in year 2015. What I have not achieved in 2015 should be carried over to 2016. I will look back to 2015 by reminiscing on five major issues that affects me and those people around me. Those are family, Career, distraction, ambition, and disappointments.

1. Family:  As a married person, whether your immediate family or the extended family. Their welfare and their state of affair is a matter of concern. As for my immediate family, my wife has been extremely gracious in taking care of us with diligence and consistency unmatched by any other. My two lovely daughters had the best care possible, and they are provided the best environment for their growth at home and at school. Kunsal's summer reading class was an excellent idea, that she picked up reading fast from that summer program. My wife did her best even at time, with seriousness and stern that required to command children to do things. The kids are growing into a healthy and well rounded person. They are exposed to good environment and their play time is not shortchanged for any other things. In health wise, they get healthy food, at home and school. Even though it is still a struggle to urge them to eat healthy, they have not strayed too far away. Mom's discipline is needed to maintain order and keep them in a right path.  So they received maximum care , love and affection, at the same time, kids are told and showed that there is always a boundary that they can not cross. Overall, I am happy to see them in delightful mood, and their laughter and shout and playing is a wonderful sights.  Having said that, I should stress here that we the parents, have to be their role model, in our own behavior. They learn the most inadvertently from their parents. Therefore virtues such as patience, respect, politeness and good communication and principles are some of the things they should be acquiring from us, if we fail to be  exemplary for those.

As my extended family, my dear mom had some health issues, and fortunately she is getting better and no more relapsing. Our inability to visit them yet is a major setback. My brother Jampa Choedup's successful passing for Geshi Lamran was very joyous occasion. He is near the top and we continue to urge him to study until he is granted the title. We are hopeful for that.  Our niece Jampa Yangchen's entrance in D. Pharm was satisfying and now the ball is in her court. She has keep up her momentum. Now other major health crisis.   Owing to hosts of issues besetting Nepal, we could not take our kids to see grandpa.  But Choekyi's and kids trip to Canada was delightful and good for the kids and Choekyi.   There are many more memorable things in the 2015, but the above is what is on the tip of my tongue, and we should be cherishing. Now going to the career part.

2. Career: My career is steady and progressive. Every  year I venture in new territory and I take initiatives. If my staff  evaluation is anything, I have improved my rate besides being very consistent on my performance.  I urge myself to keep on improving, be more disciplined and aim for higher. I should be happy with my current career. There are challenges and moral issues that bother you for certain things. But overall, it is better to be playing save, that rocking the boat on issues, that do not directly affect you. But the very fact that whatever doesn't bother is the very reasons for uneasiness for me for staying quiet.  There is progress in my career, and no regress.  Let waite and see what other might come around after a month on my career related issue. So there is nothing much to share, other than that the status quo maintained. But I urge myself to be more dynamic, things need to change, it can not stay stagnant.  While career prospective looks good, I should point out that I should get rid of my distractions in life.

3. Life /Distractions: The two major distractions in 2015 is the perpetuation of my bad habit. Watching TV,and watching  online staff has not brought me any benefit, instead it has taken away my time and gave me a bad time. Online movie watching and the bad distraction, should be minimized. Such obstacle, in life is bound to happen, but it should be to the extend of harming my personality and self-esteem.  But life doesn't stop here, it goes on. We pick the best practices and leave the bad staff. Because without life distraction, I can concentrate more on my ambition.

4. Ambition:  I define ambition as something that people desire to accomplish and achieve in this life time. I do have ambition to be doing greater things. It is the hope that keep us all alive. It is the hope to visit and meet my family that keep our spirit nourished. I do not aim to be satisfied with my current job. I look for higher and more demanding job. Only when my full potential is realized, will I be able to life contently.  My ambition is to become more important, to become more successful, more fulfilling and happy. 

5. Disappointments:  Year 2015 is not without some disappointment.  These disappointment are not major issue . But it comes from certain people's behavior and personality. Ph's lax in pursuing further studies is sad. But he is not seeking guidance and I am not at all happy about this lowely life of his. Without a goal, you can not reach where you want to go.  Disappointed at the fate of a colleague' who was very unfortunate with his reporting and ended up dismissed.  There are other disappointments too.  Such as our repeated failed attempt to visit family.

Over all, 2015 in career wise. might not be the brightest year.  But everything went off smoothly.  I should keep it up.

I am at gym, and need to stop it here. Because, while I write, momentarily dose off with funny lines on the screen, that is prompted from a dream in drowsiness .


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