Wednesday, September 9, 2009

JN on Samdhong Rinpoche

In one of my early write up in this blog, I paid a glowing tribute to Jamyang Norbu la, as a fighter, as a political scientist. In this one I have to pick on him for his unruly imagination and unsubstantiated claims on Samdhong Rinpoche's inner thoughts.
This article attacks Samdhong Rimpoche's policy and underscores the reasons for his fiasco as a Kalon Tripa. While JN pretends to comments on exile Tibetan's democracy, he left no stone unturned to lash against Samdhong Rinpche. For example, while speculating on the rational of Samdhong Rimpoche's rejected resignation, he said cynically "An informed acquaintance of mine told me he suspected that Rimpoche’s resignation might actually have been a ploy to raise the amendment issue. Such a development would allow Rimpoche to launch the campaign for his third term (maybe fourth,fifth or sixth)while still in office, giving him a definite advantage over future competitors. To be fair, Rimpoche himself has publicly stated that he was against any amendment of the Exile Charter for this purpose". This acquaintance might not be any other than himself.