Saturday, August 21, 2010


The proposed Mosque to be built few blocks from the ground zero in New york set off a media frenzy, that has divided America in two. The conservative led by fox news folks and some republic politician weighing to say, such a Islam center will be too insensitive to the victims of 9/11 family. Those that advocate for the proposed building argues, by not allowing a faith center to be built is hurting the sentiment of the Muslim people-- The first amendment promotes free speech and religious tolerance. The argument on both sides are very convincing and reasonable. However, the President Obama did the  right thing by making it clear that American value religious freedom -the principles on which America was founded. The west should be careful not to marginalizing the Muslim is  ethically and politically correct. The Dalai lama has repeatedly said few mischievous people are exist in all faith, for which the entire follower of the tradition should not be blamed.  Because of 9/11, blaming the entire Muslim population was wrong, he said categorically.  His message resonates, America will lose by lashing up anti-Muslim sentiment than be accommodating its liberal  followers. It is the politician -----------Stupid...
This issue shouldn't let the the radical Islam to rethink twice and taking advantage of the west negativity to further radicalize and recruit naive people.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Far Apart

I was watching some of the recent Kalon Tripa candidates debate on Youtube. What pop to my mind is that one of these candidates may replace the current incumbent Kalon Samdup Rinpoche, can they really replace him?  My answer is no. The winning Kalon Tripa candidate will fill the post of CTA's top post, but he or she can not replace Samdhong Rinpoche for the grandeur and prestige that he enjoyed as a premier.  Having listened to Samdong Rinpoche speaks and having a good sense of  Samdhon,s oratory skill , eloquence and  intellectual vigour, I have left with dispair that none of these candidates possess those There is a gulf between current candidate's qualifications and of Samdhong Rinpoche.   I believe that Tibetan people in exile are smart for picking up Samdhong Rinpoche as our first direct elected Premier. He has set a high standard for those to follow. SD is a great pundit politician.
However, there are people, who argues Samdhong Rinpoche was not a smart politician. The criticism are heaped on him for his initiative to privatize exile government owned business entities . Which was a very bold, and desperate  take, and I think it is little too early to conclude its consequences. I agree when Jari Lodi said that because Samdong Rinpoche, the post of Kalon Tripa has become a very prestigious post. But maybe Tibetan exile will find a smart,committed, courageous , and visionary leader in our next election.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Commander in Chief

The Tibetan people finally accept the gift from HH the Dalai Lama. It is eventually dawned on the Tibetan people and propelled them to embrace this this gift without any reservations. It is  the gift of democracy!!!

.The post for the Tibetan Exile's commander in chief is a covetd political , power and prestigious position that aspiring candidates aim for. Individual candidates have  self publicized thier intention to run for the post, and as well as different organizations have put forth nominees. Those unofficial Kalon Tripa candidates start to gain public attention. and those strong candidates have made the Tibetan public known their missions and goals for running for the Tibetan premier's post through campaign pitches, and in their Oped articles, and at public debate. The early problem of exile society not finding candidates is no longer a problem now. Thupten Samdup's Kalontrip websites  attracts close to 20 candidates .
Now the search for Kalon tripa is over and we now should focus on the search for the jobs that the next Kalon Tripa should perform in the next five years.

For Tibetan public, now is the time not to  debate on who should be voted for the post, instead the debate should focus on what should be the goals of next  five years and who will be the ideal for this job. To make it easier for the public to understand, as a start it is imperative to point at all issues of important matter  that the seven departments of Central Tibetan administaration oversees and who can best serve those issues, who can reform and impact what is necessary and urgent.

The ongoing public discussions are centred on individual candidates profile,  influenced more by their affiliation and affinity to the candidates, less on what are the important issues at stake. The real democracy should be people's full engagement not just being a passive observers and followers, but by vigorously bringing up the national issues and things that matter us more. In short, it is the peoples responsiblity to make candidates aware what is most important issues to deal within the next fives.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


His Holiness the Dalai Lama said to his Chinese twitter followers, that owing to no solution to Tibet issue through his middle way approach, the voice of Tibetan Independence is growing stronger. The Tibetan spiritual leader has pointed to Tibetan Youth Congress in specific, as a critic of his middle way approach. The Dalai Lama however, assured 99% of Tibetans will not resort to violence in fighting for the cause. This is extremely an important statement by the Dalai Lama, and true to what is happening among the Tibetan intellectuals and activists. Tenzin Sonam's movie "The Sun Behind the Cloud" is a case to point as how Tibetans face an inner struggle between Independence and Middle Way Approach, . Ones I was speaking with JN, and he assured those Tibetans who advocate middle way is not swayed by the feasibility of its goal. He contend that one day when HH gives up middle way approach, then all those demagogues will turn to Independence. It is a mere issue of loyalty. Read HH words and messages between lines, and these subtle warning to the Chinese leadership to the possibility of exile struggle turning to  demanding independence. TYC and those independence activists should be proud of their influence and the significance of the organization's mission in Tibetan's peaceful resistance against the tyranny of communist party.   I believe that Middle Way Approach yeilding no result is in a way good for the Rangzen diehard activists.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaking pot

Ones upon a time, an Indian man lives on the hill.He brings water from a stream at the bottom of the hill for use at home. He fetch the water regularly-so used to it that he doesn't feel the weight of it. Indian people use a pair of pot to fetch water.When he purchased the pair of  pot, one has a crack and the other one is in perfect condition. The perfect pot always brings a full water to the family, but the pot with the crack has only half of the water when getting to home, because the other half has leaked on way.Therefore he managed to fill only half water. In this way two years have passed. The perfect pot is not only proud of its achievement, but has complete sense of pride.But the other pot with a crack was very embarrassed of its inborn blemish, and a sense of sadness descended on it.  One day , the leaking pot said to the Indian man when he is  at a river bank. " I feel very embarrassed and I would like to apologize'.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A wealthy Tibetan business man was sentenced to life on charge of "funding exile groups". The owner of famous Yak Hotel in lhasa was trialed secretly in June and sentenced to life, says sources. The Tibetan tycoon as some called was arrested after March 10,2008 protest in Lhasa. I have heard something about this early, but did not confirm, until AP carried the story with confirmation from Lhasa about the sentence. It is unfathomable as how Tibetans are targeted, and if the charge was true. Yeshi, was very successful Tibetan entrepreneur who was recognized  by the Chinese as one of the most young influential Tibetan . He was even member of communist party. The Chinese government have not made his sentence public but the it was confirmed news.
What the Chinese governments says to Tibetan through these high profile sentences---Karma Samdup, Shugdong, and now Tashi Dorjee.
What the Tibetans should take out of these phenomenon?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It is gratifying to see three candidates nominated for the Europen Tibetan members of parliament for the upcoming MP elections. Except one young man, two of the others are familiar figures, and they have done something commendable in their life.
The best way to get recognition and self promotion is to come back to your own society and serve. As long as we are Tibetan, we can best excell on the bedrock of Tibetan society and Tibetan people.One of my friend commented, if it is not the Tibetan people, the Dalai Lama will not have his world stature as he has today. Thanks to Tibetan people's cause, we have reasons to live and hope for better future. Dedication to ones people's cause and society will pay you off handsomely.

Nature's wrath

Turn to any news and it is all about nature's wrath unleashing in full force. Asian continent from Lhadhak in India to Druchu in Tibet have experienced heavy flood , and mud slid.  Over thousands killed in mud flood and landslide in Druchok. The Time Magazine captures the scene of the devastation- it is horrifying and unnerving (The fingers is squearly pointed on China, as the cause of flood was manmade).  In Russia the hot and humid weather caused some devasting wild fire to the forest. In America, In washington, had recordbreaking scortching heat weather on continuous day. An artic Ice land broke away, with the potentional cause for more hot temperature in years to come. Global warming might be real, and H.H the Dalai Lama,s message of universal responsbility for the survival of future  humanity has gained great significance.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Voter Registeration

The registration to vote for Chetue and Kalon Tripa officially ends in Mid August. The election commission in Dharamsala announced the dates of registeration period for two months. It begins in June and closes in mid August. I believe the current registeration proces is even though not the most effective, still every attempts are made to attract maximum voter registeration. The registeration period has extended compare to early registeration. Family members or a representative of a group can  register for their siblings or children who are absent at home. On top of that, Tibetan NGO, media and communities have announced the registeration period loudly and clearly.  Yet why there is such a lukewarm response to voter registerations? In Dharmsala, voter registerations were estimated around 75%, sometime ago. And it is hoped that other Tibetan settlement and communities in India subcontinent are seeing higher  voter registeration.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blogging Aniversary

One year ago, I have started blogging. And today is the anniversary of my blogging activities. There are 365 days for a year, and I have blogged on a wide range of topics. For me this new social media is an ideal and convenient tool to vent my frustrations, anger, and happiness. Blogging has taken over my traditional dairy entry. Of course, this is far superior means of expression. Spellings could be checked. Words are nicely typed and neat and easy to read. The ubiquitous nature of blogging, allows me to access it from everywhere, and anytime.