Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Resolutions

In this blog entry, I will pen down my top 5 resolutions for 2016. It is in order of priority, with the number 1 my highest priority. There are many reasons to write down my goals or resolutions for  the year. It is a new start, with new vigor, energy and hope. Like in my daily life, when I have the list of things to do for the day, I tend to do and complete them more efficiently and successfully. Likewise, the significant issues that I will dedicate my time and energy on should be clearly spelled out, so that I have a clear sense of purpose and direction for the present year.

1. Reunion with my Mom:   This is an ongoing effort and my biggest dream and aspiration in this life. All attempts and hope toward visiting my Mom in the past years have not materialized, despite of my best try.  And this year again, I will keep on pounding the Chinese embassy and relevant authorities, for my such a eventual reunion with my Mom. The situation is little precarious and unpredictable. What appears to be moment of hope and good sign are quickly dashed to the ground by other unexpected overtures. While there is no certainty and guarantee for any breakthrough at this stage. I am determined to pursuit my lead and connect to get this reunion happen at the earliest possible.  Again, no stone would be left unturned in my effort to realize this goal.

2. Kids up bring:   My two adorable daughters are raised with best care and love . But still raising a kid is an enormous responsibilities.  We will nurture them into a sound human being, with proper attention to their psychological, emotional and physical care.  Their education and wellbeing and happiness is our biggest concern. We will put their interest first above everything else. It requires us lots of patience, perseverance , sacrifices in raising the kids the way we like them to be. They are at their most impressionable stage right now. We don't want to have any sense of remorse when we look back that we did everything possible for them. More specifically we need to spend quality time, read to them, help them with their home work, love them and enjoy with them.

3. Personal Health care:  With the two kids to look after, both my wife and myself should look after ourselves well. Our physical  health and mental beings will definitively have an impact on our ability to take care of the kids. We should put our oxygen mask first before we help others to do the same. Thanks to the gym membership, both my wife and I should workout more to trim ourselves, which is good for all and for our self-esteem. As the saying goes, if health is lost so everything is lost. Fortunately, right now we are in sound physical health. But the food we take, our daily life style and habits that harms our health should be abandoned and adopt more healthy lifestyle choice.

4. Self-improvement: Though I seem to have a secure job, everything looks pretty stable,  but our learning has not ended and there is big room for improvement. I for one will continue to read more and write more. So whether it is brushing up my Chinese language or improving on writing, I will treat it seriously and spend proportionate time for its betterment. This improvement, includes better communication with family and more understanding, and be patient in deal with them under pressure.
I will not remain static, I will  be more dynamic in my approach to improve ones own worthiness and productivity. 

5. Deny Distractions: While enjoying life is a noble thing, one should not be too distracted by outward appearance. I can not lose sense of our purpose in life. Don't get sidetracked from our prime goal in life.  Remain calm and cool under any circumstance, as there are also incidents at work, that challenges your consciousness.  Make careful decision in life. Our choice and decision tells us who we are. Honesty, personal integrity, patience and compassion is need of our time.

Finally, I should realize, that I have a lovely family and very proud of it and I am their keeper..


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