Sunday, August 30, 2009

chit chat

He has a long hair, hair longer than a ponytail. Mr. Z returned from his overseas mission and he is interested to share his experience with the bunch of friend he has. He summoned his buddies for a drink. A guy friend who turned up at the pub also has a seamless well combed hair, that touches to his waist on the back. The two except in their height, all other physical features are identitical. Both has a long and yet rugged humane looking face. Both are well educated and behaves politely with a flashing smile. It is fitting to say the bird of fealther flock together.

Kham Zachuka

A 13 year old Tibetan kid, sang a song in praise of HH the Dalai Lama in front of a crowd on the stage,in the town of Jatsang Shang in Kham Zachugka in eastern Tibet. The kid was arrested,said by a source who has contact in Kham Zachugka.

Subsequently a Chinese flag at a local station was pulled down, that led to arrest of 7 Tibetan as suspects. The source said theses incidents occurred on August 28,2009.But could not confirm if the two incidents were related.

What need to know more about is :

I wish to know, if the kid is a boy or a girl, did she sing the song knowing what she /he was doing. Who are the audience, and under what circumstance it happened. What occassion it was. How many people gathered.

Was the kid immediately arrested and by whom?

when the Chinese flag was pulled down ? when exactly it happened. Did anyone put up a Tibetan flag in place?

What are the names of those seven arrested. Zachug Khag is the place from where 4 of its brave monks took part in the first march 10th protest in Lhasa last year.