Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tears of Joy

Saturday, Dec.06. around 10:30pm my family and relatives have gathered in our house in Washingtong D.C, excitedly waiting to video chat  with my mother and elder sister on other end of the world , in Lhasa Tibet.. This is unforgetable moment in my life,  that I earnestly wished for a long time giving my present circumstance. Being able to see my mother in real time after two decades is such a incredible feeling.

A camera is set up in our sitting room to catch the moment unfold . We have done all the technological manipulation to maximize the video conversation.There is a quiet and serene sense of apprehension. I was very excited and elated and yet also a tinge of sadness to realize that this mediated communication of face to face with my Mother is only the option open to us. 

As the signal of Voice Video reflected in our screen, we immediately accepted . It took a while to connect, then in the next moment, there I saw my mother's bewilderd and beaming face for the first time in two decades.  The image of my mother in my teenager year's  recollection is no longer the same that the face I am seeing on the screen.

Wrinkled face, grey hairs, and stoop posture are signs of age catching up my dearest mother in all these turbulent years!

over two decades, my mother had passed through tumultuous period of family tragedy, +personal hardship and the death of my father and uncle. She had whethered the harsh storms of our early existence of impermances and unfortunate life incidents with fortitude and unwavering determinaton.

I could not love my mother more, knowing that she has a great sense of  resilence and still very strong and determined at heart, and above all, she is so full of wisdom and wit and compassionate at the core of her heart.

Amazed at the ability of seeing us face to face on the screen, my mother and sister broke down uncontrobly. Admist tears of joy, mother wished and prayed for us and admonished us, with some profound thoughts and wisdom, that will guide me in my times of test and trail.

Seeing my mother and sister on the screen is so powerful a feeling that for a moment, I am at a loss of words.  I am overwhelmed with emotion and for a time, unable to express much of what I wished to say. She truly entreated that that I would visit her at the earlist possible.

My mother and sister is overjoyed to see us in good shape. She couldnt believe her own eyes that the distance that kept us apart is instantly closed up with the marvel of technology, by enabling us to see face to face simultanenously  from thousands of miles away. Mother said she have never thougth that such an encouter would be possible.

my mother is overjoyed as the image of my two beatiful daughters is shown and seen us all together.

My mother is very articulate and truly a women of wisdom and compassion. No matter what circumstance, she is always considerate of other people. She was delighted that one of our family friends, paid her visit, gave gift and asked if she would need any help. And she asked me that this person Tsegay is very kind and shouldnt forget to repay his kindness.

My mother who carries  me for 9 months in her womb and brought me to this world, and brought me up with love, care and compassion had some life changing admonishments for me. I as man will should live up to her aspiration , hope and wishes.

I would leave no stone unturned to pay a visit to her in the next year or so at the earlist. That her advice for us all brothers and sister to be one and the same as forever, and cling to each other. My mother made feel so proud and good that I have accomplished much in my life and at the same time, she would urge me to continue looking after  them with my attention and care, irrespect of the challenges and any obstacles that could come across.

My mother asked us to live harmoously and happily by being kind and compassionate to each other. That a true happy family would be one that take care of others. My mother doesnt know much about the tenets of Tibetan Buddhism, but she has an indepth of  understanding human nature and full faith in the goodness of human heart.

In speaking to Dhargyal, she has spelled out some practicle life changing guidance and if he takes it to heart that Dhargyal would never regret.  Even though, it seems that her advice for us seem to be the normal dos and donts of life, but they are so pround and so true. As she is speaking from a years of experience and encounter in life. I can see that my mother is truly a strong character and women of great courage and wisdom.

After two decades of separation, no love is lost between mother and son. They are yearning for each other, and they deeply cherish and respect what they stand for.

I am grateful for my mother, she is the rock of our family. I owe to my mother for her unflinching love and care for me, that  make me what i am today.  I am committed for ever  and with great conviction in my mothers  words of  wisdom.   Be patience, by broadminded, by persistence, and be compassionate.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday

Today is  Thanksgiving Day, my family has already decided on going to watch a movie in the cinema theatre. To honour their like, I have give up my other pending works and joined them to watch the movie.

After the breakfast, we are ready to head to the threatre in Tyson mall. Our little one give some trouble before loading up in the car , and Mom was up upset. But they are just kids and what do they really know.  I don't think we are lagging behind in disciplining them. We need to remind ourselves to be an example to them at all time. Be patient is a virtue. Kids' irritant behavior doesn't last long. So we had to go with the wind in handling them.

I recall this is our second time  for the family together to watch the movie. The movie about the Penguins is not as fun and exciting as the last time we watched. Last time, the movie is about dragon rearing  and it was action packed, and thriller.  But this time, it was not too bad. Except Karma gives little trouble in the amidst of movie, everything else went pretty smoothly. The kids also get to play a while at the Kids place, and then we had a nice lunch.  A day well spent with family on Thanksgiving.

After returning home, Choekyi urged me to shop for that Thanksgiving. She saw  some of the stores are opening earlier on Thursday night. I rose to the occasion by taking down the list of things to shop, I drove to Marcy and then to  other several stores. I got almost all the items in our list. But lining up or doing the round all the stores is so tiring for me. It is not fun for me to rummage through all the things in the stores, and   Largely, shopping is not at all my favorites pastime. 
Of the items purchased on some deal are, an expensive Vaccum, DVD player and scooter for Kunsal. A fruit blender. So on. The shopping took me hours and finally when I returned home, all they have gone to sleep. So it made me to come to xsport and do workout.

As the saying goes, when you are in Rome, do as the romans do. Allowing my kids to feel and celebrate the American culture and Christmas day is important. As they are growing up in American, they get to immerse in its culture, and be part of everything that goes in the society. I don't want them to be left out and marginalized. 

This Thanksgiving is truly memorable in another aspect, that my wife bought me some good quality dress, including several jackets, suits and T-shirt, we can pick up only on December 03.
Now I feel dousy, and need to stop here....


Friday, November 28, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Thanksgiving Gift

As Thanksgiving come closer, I chosen to give myself a gift. A gift that will change my over all well being.

 On November 25,2014, coinciding the Xsport membership Appreciation Day, I have purchased one year membership at 530$, plus one year free membership and plus one guest pass. That means I have two year memberships with two year  guest pass. I have taken this deal keeping in mind of Choekyi's need for physical exercise as well as my own.

Raising kids is challenging and very strenuous on physical and emotional level. But keeping ourselves fit is overarching any other interests and issues in our life.  A physical well being brings confidence and happiness to one self. It would relieve stress and helps to manage our daily life more efficiently. Over the pretense of looking after kids, Choekyi and I appear to have neglected our health. Looking at myself in the mirror, the person that looks back at me is not longer that young, slim and toned guy.  He is much heavier and plumper, with a bulging stomach. My annual wellness check had adequately warned me that I have get back to my normal routine of rigorous physical activities.  My body mass is way over than the normal, and there are  several other indicators of excess, that I have to deal with.   So signing up for two years gym membership is a great Thanksgiving gift for myself. Whether at work and at home, being physically fit is a   As now I have two sweet kids and I really need to in good health for now and in the long run, so that I can always be with them and be there for them. On top of that this gym membership will prevent me from indulging in bad habit.

This is my commitment that I will get out the best from the leadership  it in two years.

  As for Choekyi, I implore her to get into physical routine. And this opportunity of one guest pass is a perfect fit for her.  Choekyi too have a noticeable protruding belly, that she herself feels embarrassing. So I hope she will take Zuba class and any other that she likes. Daily work out will tremendously help her to reduce stress and anxiety, and frustration of dealing with kids all day.

This time I will be urging Choekyi to start a regular schedule for her routine exercise. Nothing should hold her back. Since Kunsal is attending class, and we can also bring the younger one here and we both can do exercises together. Partly what convinced to sign up one year membership is that it is not only me, I cared Choekyi's own well being. So the deal allows both of us to enjoy the facilities for two years. That is a really attractive package. We will get our money's worth provided that we use the membership more frequently  and consistently.

As I started workout today, for few hours and now sitting in front of the computer at the lounge is truly rewarding, for I could blog each time to my satisfaction and content. Let begins it from today, and let embrace to the change and be the change.

Ones a while, it is so crucial to have a sense of intimacy with Choekyi and companionship. I hope this opportunity will provide us that.  So this Thanksgiving membership sign up is a way of rewarding and be good to myself, which I have not been so good.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Review

"The Secret Lives of the Dalai Lama" by Alexander Norma is very engaging historical tale of the succession of Tibet's god-king. This book with a forward by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama revealed previously unknown information regarding the origin of the institution of the Dalai Lama. As a staunch devotee of the Dalai Lama, I felt honored to have read the book. Despite of all the diabolical  secret, bloodshed, scandal, and other controversy surrounding the lives of those previous Dalai Lama, getting to know the historical perspectives on it has further strengthened my conviction in the greatness-and historical legitimacy of this institution. I cannot cease to marvel at the ingenuity of this creation in the anal of Tibetan history and the whole hardheartedness of the Tibetan laity and clergy's acceptance.
 Sometime back during a conversation with a well educated Tibetan friend, he confessed to me to much of my surprise, that he does not believe the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the Bodhisattva  Cherezig. I heard he is a non-believer or atheist. But he accepts without doubt in the leadership of HH the Dalai Lama. No matter what his believes are , according to me, if there is  really a god, than who can be better manifestation of Him, than the Tibet's God- King, the Dalai Lama.  

Faith based on understanding and logic will remain unwavering. So the book on the Secret Lives of the Dalai Lama has not diminished my respect and faith in the Dalai Lama institution. It rather bolstered my understanding of its historical background, besides  the book  bequeathed on me the essential knowledge for  a more intellectual discourse  on this important topic in anytime in the future. 
Of all the previous successive  Dalai Lama, the lives of the 6th is heart-wrenching tale. In actually there appeared to be three 6th, and the one most believed by the Tibetan met with a mysterious ending, with no particular confirmation of death or alive. But they believe that the high beings have the liberty to choice when to reborn, to whom and where is soothing to my curious mind.
When the present Dalai Lama devolved all his political power to a elected leadership, I am awestruck that this is such a historically turning out in the institution of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama did what he has done keeping in mind for the best interest of the Tibetan people in the long run. Looking back in history, the rule of regency is rigged with controversy and corruptions , and powerful struggle, that sometimes lead to much bloodbath and to the consternation of the ordinary citizens.

His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama is fully aware of the strength of the institution as well as its weakness. And  he is tackling head on to salvage the weakness of the institution by having a legitimate political leadership in the event of the Dalai Lama's demise that create a leadership vacuum.
Another earth - shattering news for Tibetans and Chinese government will be how the present the Dalai Lama decides on his reincarnation.
As a Tibetan reading this book gives me tremendous pride on our rich history and Buddhism culture and how strong and illustrations foundation and canons of literature with a scientific bases of understanding human mentality. Each Dalai Lama has demonstrated different personal characteristic, and the present one is perhaps the most popular within the Tibetan legion and internationally.
 His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in his forwarding for the book stated "While I do not necessarily agree with every opinion the author has expressed, I very much appreciate the frankness he brings to bear in this analysis of these matters". So opinions are without factual basis, which could be true or false. But author has also done substantial research with pages of biographical notes at end of the book.
 This book maybe shelved as Tibet's historical reference, and must be in possession of all educated Tibetan. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama recommends it to all readers in his forward " I commend this book to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Tibetan history and culture. It contains insights which, I am sure, will be illuminating even to experts in the field".  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Field Trip With Kunsal

I havent blogged for a while now. Why I didnt do the thing that I love ?.

The easy answer is , simply no time.

But today, I stole a moment to come to Oakton library, and fortunately, I arrive on time for the book sale. Every one brought big bags to fill in their books and stood in line before the library opens at 1:00pm.  I wasted no time to rush in and scuttered to the piles of books displayed in the hall ways and meeting rooms. As the sales are great, with paperbacks only $1:00, so I have scooped up all the available attractive classic works of fiction and literature, as those are my favourite readings.

  There are many familiar fictions that I have already read once and that had an impact on me, and yet there are other books that I have not read yet. I have also picked up few interesting books for children and besides few DVDs that is on sale for $2.  After about half hours of searching and selecting, I have filled two bags full of books, and only cost me 41$, at a give- away price. I felt at that moment how wonderful and useful it will be that if I could take all these books and donate Tibetan school library in India.

I called TS to come and see if she could find anything interesting  for the kids. But alas, her favourite pastime is go to the malls and be hooked to the sale signs of the clothing stores, rather the treasure of knowledge that is the books . Yes I can not deny that she made good choice most of the time, but many a time, what is bought unused and stacked away somewhere in the closets.

While, this was a moment after I returned from a school field trip, accompanning my five year kunsal.

This morning, I arrived at school half hours prior to depature. I attended the field trip as a chaperon and we are assigned six kids in each group, that we oversee.

The trip to the hidden nature pond in Fairfax county Public park is a well organized trip filled with fun and learning for the kids. The kids behaved so well, largely thanks to Mr. Everage's skillful guidance throughout the trip.  

They are introduced to the life of native American, and it was an eye-opening experience even for an adult. With a sense of humility, I havent thought much about the native American people until then. Today's lesson to the children is a learning for me as well.

Within  the alloted time, so much is done so effectively by these 5 years kids.

This field trip is a great learning opportunity for the kids. it sparked their imagination, creativity, and  piqued their curiosity and showed ways to appreciate the nature.

The quality of education and opportunity for such innovative learning that our  kids are exposed to is  truly amazing.  

I wonder after observing everything at the field trip, what parent can expect other than this kind of experiential learning under a  caring and loving environment.

There wont be anything on the earth that a parent can send kids to, other than the  school to learn self-discipline.   

Saturday, August 16, 2014


In reminiscence of late uncle Lhagyal’s visit to Tibet and our home in Topa
Fishing with Sonam Tsering:
I don’t know the date and time, of the uncle Lhagyal’s visit, which can be verified through other people. But it was sometime in the summer. Because I recall going to the Gyalmo Ngochu river to fish with brother Sonam Tsering who came with uncle Lhagyal. Sonam Tsering made a crude fish hook, and when we reach the river, he made me hold the end of the fish hook bracelet, while he threw the bait into the river. But as he threw it, and I couldn’t hold it strong enough, and the bracelet went off with the bait into the river. Sonam Tsering attempted to wade into the river to retrieve it, and the river was too deep for that. So we had no luck of ever playing with it, leaving along to catch fish. It was at the time when uncle Lhagyal was staying in our home, and I remember, how secretly we went off to fishing, for fear of uncle Lhagyal’s reprimand for such a pastime. As hunting and fishing is considered a sin and one hunter in our village is an outcaste. 

The Snake incident
As a child, some of my memories of uncle Lhagyal visit are so fresh and vivid. In preparing for uncle’s invitation, our families have put up with the best appearance we manage, by rolling out few new carpets, arranging the well decorated tables and then preparing the best dishes my mother can think of . The entire house is buzzing with excitements and in a festive mood.  Uncle Lhagyal’s bed is arranged in the family shrine in the upper floor, which is usually reserved for only monks and Lamas. As it is a little hot at the time, a makeshift tent has erected to get some shade up on the upper terras of the house. Uncle Lhagyal sits out under that, and I recollect, after washing his feet, some kind of medication is done to his leg, by hot sponging something like that.  As a child I was awed with such a precarious treatment and yet find it bewildering. Around that time, we all have also seen some where under the beam or the ceiling of our house (probably it is in the shrine), a large python is crawling. It is said to be harmless, but just the name and sight of it, terrifies the kids and adult alike.  On that evening of our sighting the pantheon, everyone went to sleep. Around somewhere in the middle of the night, uncle Lhagyal while was sound asleep in the shrine, felt something is moving on his blankets. He was sleeping still and didn’t move, even it awakes him. He was thinking that his movement could scare away the things and even harms it. In his mind, he was thinking, it must be the snake that we have seen in the ceiling in day time. Not wishing to disturb the entire family by making a commotion, he went back to sleep, and nor he disturbs the things that moves on his quilt and on the bed. Next morning, when he wakes up, he saw two small kittens sleeping soundly by his bedside on the quilt. So it turns out that what he suspected as the snake actually turns out to be the cats.  
As a child I heard him recounting his nightmarish dilemma to the elders in the next day. And I don’t know why, I never forget that incident.  I was dumbstruck, and wondered at the time how he could be so composed and remained calm, even slept through the night, while thinking a snake is crawling on his bed.
Maybe this shows, he is a fearless person no matter whatever he encounters in life, a brave soul, a man with a lion’s heart. And at the same time, he is considerate and does not disturb other’s peace, even at a time of seemingly crisis situation.
Uncle’s visit was for us children the happiest moment, I recall when they are leaving for India  from Shangritsang family, sister Tseten Wangmo while riding on a horse wept uncontrollably   and so the family members who see them off at Shangri Gan, reciprocated with emotional farewell.  Their departure was a  sad moment for me as child. And I recall that day so vividly.
Proud nephews of Shangri Lhagyal:
We as children are filled with pride for being the descendents of Shangritsang. At the time, Shangritsang family is respected, has status and fairly well-to –do by local standard. But being the descendents of Shangritsang family has also high expectation on us children, in terms of courage and bravery and integrity. Some years back, my sister in law had a car accident in Chamdo. She was knocked down while crossing the road by a passing truck, and had to be hospitalized. My brother who was in Lhoro at the time on business immediately rushed to Chamdo. The driver of the truck was a Tibetan and very cooperative and taking full responsibilities of the incident. He assured to give all medical expenses for the treatment and also negotiate to reach a settlement for compensation. My brother Tenzin Nyima is a not a very aggressive fellow, and quit timid and humble guy, and rarely engage in a fist fight with other. The family members of my sister in law are urging my brother to demand a huge compensation, or should threat the truck driver in retaliation. My sister in law’s injuries was not life threatening, but was visible injuries on the forehead. And later on she has fully recovered albeit a little scars on from the injuries.   As for the settlement with the truck driver, he was willing to compensate with considerable cash Yuan 30000 on top of the all the medical bills he was willing to cover. The driver requested for such a settlement, and if brother doesn’t accept, then the only other recourse for them is to go to court for settlement.  My brother after weighing all the pros and cons agreed to the settlement, but the family members of my sister in law was fuming; they are demanding an eye for an eye for the truck driver. And scorned on my brother for not being more aggressive and demanding, the elder of the family said to my mother “who would believe that he is the nephew of Shangri Lhagyal”.
As this incident clearly illustrate that uncle Lhagyal’s fame is well known in the entire village and we the descendants are expected to be as courageous as the uncle in their [people’s]sense of what a really man is.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shen Yun

On Friday evening, soon after work, I hopped in my friend's hybrid new car to head toward Baltimore to see a Chinese traditional arts perfermance. This is unplanned and last minute decision on my part to break the monotonous daily routine for some fresh adventures and to charter a new territory. And I couldnt be merrier watching this fabulous authentic Chinese traditional dance and music show, by a troove of highly talented Chinese professionals artists.

The 30-40 miles of ride from D.C to Baltimore was fun and hilarious.  My friend's carefree handling of cell phone to set the nagivation while driving on high way prompted me to give him a lecture on the risk of multitasking with driving. While he accepts the danger of his unwarranted behaviour, he is little addicted to his smartphone, either it is playing a song and showing a picture or finding the direction.

To enable him focus on the road, we  chatted. Our lady friend who might be well beyond her middle age was jovial, and personal  and compassionate. She didnt want to leave any homeless guy approaching at the traffic light be ignored, and indeed on several occassions dish out a dollar for each with much sense of sympathy and sorry for them. The alms she gives appear to be more to accommolate her merits than to help the reciever of her generosity.

our conversations hovered around the virtues of contentment, the reality of life and the belief in Karma for unexepected turn of event in life, such as firing from work etc and thankfully we spared politics in our discourse. Either because of genertional gap or for some other reasons,  I find it interesting to glean from their talks, their passion in pastime.  Both appeared to be movie buffs.

 Their favourite past time is to turn to TV channels or youtube to listen songs, and sermons and watch movies. I almost felt that I was not in their league. But that didnt turn out to be true, because we all have a penchant for  Chinese tradition, culture and the language. That is why, our excitment for the show we are going was palpable.

it was thanks to our friend L's connection that secured us  free tickets for the show. Understandablly the two us took care of the parking fees and coffes before the performance. Boasting to showcase 5000 years of Chinese tradition in one night, Shenyun was indeed spectacular, and a feast for the eyes and ears. A show trail can be see at this link,

Shenyun performing arts is an endevaour of Falung Gon to perserve the rich Chinese tradtion and customs, and besides to send a clear message via twin goals of raising awarnes and sensitizing the viewers on  the red Chinese government's brutality agasint their practitionars.

The show was mindblowing. A mastery of the finest performing arts, and a talents of the artists are superior. Through a combination of onstage performance and background digitalized screen, through syncronized aimation . The viewers are awed throughout by the agility and precision of the spotless  performance.  Each show is based on a Chinese lengendary tale, or a folklore with didantic lessons.

When I watch something nowadays, I am far more critical than I used to be. For me now interpretation is as important as entertainment. So whether it is a sole performance or a stage act,  the message and actions are designed to  conveyed virtues of Funlong practice and  deify and denigrate, slight the authoritarins.    For them, the fight with the red communist China is a matter of life or death. They minced no words on this.

Interestely through- out the show there was only one show of red colour in the form of  red dragon, that too was destroyed by the mythical Nata character, signifying good triumphing agasint evil. The lyrics of the sole are in praise of Funlong practice. The physical stamina and strength and fitiness of the performers are indications of the result of Fulung pratice, then the audience got it.

I find the their show in conveying the message to the audience are very effective. it is powerful with high potential to impact all viewers.  Media and performing arts are two chosen vehicle to advance their issues and criticize the Chinese communist party. They are doing it very effectively by pouring a mass amount resources on them.    With their similarities in the struggle for freedom for both Tibetan and Chinese people.   Tibetan people should be so proud to have a their charismatic and undisputed leader the Dalai Lama, whose words and wisdom surpases all other vial means of struggle.



Thursday, January 9, 2014

Party With Purpose

The New Year Eve party organized by the Tibetan Sunday School parents was a "resounding" success, so claimed by the organizing committee. if the party was deemed to be a success, it could be because of the turn out, the show items, and the food.

Turn out:
The party was held at a familiar location. The last time I recall of such a well attended audience in that hall was one of the first Tibetan wedding event I went. The good draw of people was largely because of the prior ticket sales. Any event to be successful, it must be well planned and executed. The New Year Eve party was planned well ahead by a team of organizing committee lead by the Sunday School president, Mr. Lhundup.
Through the division of labour, the required task of the party was evenly assigned. Though I could not take part in the preparatory meeting , but my share of the work was to prepare food and sell tickets. Which I have done dutifully.Flyers are put out on facebook to advertise the New Year bash. Tickets are printed, the parents are tasked to sell minimum 10 tickets. The ticket selling in advance, has many advantages. Those purchasing tickets are compelled to attend, otherwise the money goes to donation for the parents association.Having the tickets in advance, served an incentive to attend.

As the turn out was good, so was the item shows one after another. My little daughter took part in the Tibetan alphabet sing  song with a group. Dressed in her sparking Tibetan chupa, she really looks beautiful.
The praise and applause heaped on Kunsal by friends and acquaintance  was above my ability to count. When at the stage,she was standing in front, because of being the smallest child. As the background music blared, the first grade students sang along the music, and it sounds interesting and melodic. Twitching her head and swaying her torso, Kunsal assumed a serious facial countenance. Do kid never smile at a party night?

Among other entertainments show, one of the girl's Indian dance was spectacular. The students in four different section put on variety show.  One most memorable show of the night, was obviously stole by flutes played by two adult students. it was beautiful and fantastic showcase of their  talent. While for the students, who stand up on the stage to announce or dance, have received positive reaction from the audience. For some it could be the night of a life changing experience and moment. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic responses of the organizing committees and the students, the audience turn out was far better than anything I could  think of. The hall's capacity has almost fully filled.

Not only the regular Capital Areas Tibetans are the sole attendants, they are many new faces in the crowd. Those include, many injis. Parents came with their little ones. and the children played joyfully in the hall.

As the entertainment draw to a close, the super prepared by the parents was sumptuous. it was amazing that the home prepared food serve the entire people in the hall. The food was plenty, and delicious. That have done the work of taking care of party-goers appetite. A stroll down to the end of hall, you reach to a bar counter, where party revelers boozing.    

Ms. Tenzin Yangchen, a local Tibetan amateur photographer has captured all glamor and glittering of the new year celebration party. Through her lens, the cheerful well -clad party-goers are shot. The well decorated hall looks superb in the snaps.  Some of our friends shot several pictures of me and my wife and other friends, turn out fabulous. Those become  a facebook favourit photos..

When this Sunday, the organizing committee accounted the party event.  They have a positive balance sheet, to the profit of over a thousand dollar. So was the New year party as resounding success. I bet it was in its own term.  This demonstrated the power of coming together hand in hand and the beauty of community building.