Saturday, August 21, 2010


The proposed Mosque to be built few blocks from the ground zero in New york set off a media frenzy, that has divided America in two. The conservative led by fox news folks and some republic politician weighing to say, such a Islam center will be too insensitive to the victims of 9/11 family. Those that advocate for the proposed building argues, by not allowing a faith center to be built is hurting the sentiment of the Muslim people-- The first amendment promotes free speech and religious tolerance. The argument on both sides are very convincing and reasonable. However, the President Obama did the  right thing by making it clear that American value religious freedom -the principles on which America was founded. The west should be careful not to marginalizing the Muslim is  ethically and politically correct. The Dalai lama has repeatedly said few mischievous people are exist in all faith, for which the entire follower of the tradition should not be blamed.  Because of 9/11, blaming the entire Muslim population was wrong, he said categorically.  His message resonates, America will lose by lashing up anti-Muslim sentiment than be accommodating its liberal  followers. It is the politician -----------Stupid...
This issue shouldn't let the the radical Islam to rethink twice and taking advantage of the west negativity to further radicalize and recruit naive people.