Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tears of Joy

Saturday, Dec.06. around 10:30pm my family and relatives have gathered in our house in Washingtong D.C, excitedly waiting to video chat  with my mother and elder sister on other end of the world , in Lhasa Tibet.. This is unforgetable moment in my life,  that I earnestly wished for a long time giving my present circumstance. Being able to see my mother in real time after two decades is such a incredible feeling.

A camera is set up in our sitting room to catch the moment unfold . We have done all the technological manipulation to maximize the video conversation.There is a quiet and serene sense of apprehension. I was very excited and elated and yet also a tinge of sadness to realize that this mediated communication of face to face with my Mother is only the option open to us. 

As the signal of Voice Video reflected in our screen, we immediately accepted . It took a while to connect, then in the next moment, there I saw my mother's bewilderd and beaming face for the first time in two decades.  The image of my mother in my teenager year's  recollection is no longer the same that the face I am seeing on the screen.

Wrinkled face, grey hairs, and stoop posture are signs of age catching up my dearest mother in all these turbulent years!

over two decades, my mother had passed through tumultuous period of family tragedy, +personal hardship and the death of my father and uncle. She had whethered the harsh storms of our early existence of impermances and unfortunate life incidents with fortitude and unwavering determinaton.

I could not love my mother more, knowing that she has a great sense of  resilence and still very strong and determined at heart, and above all, she is so full of wisdom and wit and compassionate at the core of her heart.

Amazed at the ability of seeing us face to face on the screen, my mother and sister broke down uncontrobly. Admist tears of joy, mother wished and prayed for us and admonished us, with some profound thoughts and wisdom, that will guide me in my times of test and trail.

Seeing my mother and sister on the screen is so powerful a feeling that for a moment, I am at a loss of words.  I am overwhelmed with emotion and for a time, unable to express much of what I wished to say. She truly entreated that that I would visit her at the earlist possible.

My mother and sister is overjoyed to see us in good shape. She couldnt believe her own eyes that the distance that kept us apart is instantly closed up with the marvel of technology, by enabling us to see face to face simultanenously  from thousands of miles away. Mother said she have never thougth that such an encouter would be possible.

my mother is overjoyed as the image of my two beatiful daughters is shown and seen us all together.

My mother is very articulate and truly a women of wisdom and compassion. No matter what circumstance, she is always considerate of other people. She was delighted that one of our family friends, paid her visit, gave gift and asked if she would need any help. And she asked me that this person Tsegay is very kind and shouldnt forget to repay his kindness.

My mother who carries  me for 9 months in her womb and brought me to this world, and brought me up with love, care and compassion had some life changing admonishments for me. I as man will should live up to her aspiration , hope and wishes.

I would leave no stone unturned to pay a visit to her in the next year or so at the earlist. That her advice for us all brothers and sister to be one and the same as forever, and cling to each other. My mother made feel so proud and good that I have accomplished much in my life and at the same time, she would urge me to continue looking after  them with my attention and care, irrespect of the challenges and any obstacles that could come across.

My mother asked us to live harmoously and happily by being kind and compassionate to each other. That a true happy family would be one that take care of others. My mother doesnt know much about the tenets of Tibetan Buddhism, but she has an indepth of  understanding human nature and full faith in the goodness of human heart.

In speaking to Dhargyal, she has spelled out some practicle life changing guidance and if he takes it to heart that Dhargyal would never regret.  Even though, it seems that her advice for us seem to be the normal dos and donts of life, but they are so pround and so true. As she is speaking from a years of experience and encounter in life. I can see that my mother is truly a strong character and women of great courage and wisdom.

After two decades of separation, no love is lost between mother and son. They are yearning for each other, and they deeply cherish and respect what they stand for.

I am grateful for my mother, she is the rock of our family. I owe to my mother for her unflinching love and care for me, that  make me what i am today.  I am committed for ever  and with great conviction in my mothers  words of  wisdom.   Be patience, by broadminded, by persistence, and be compassionate.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday

Today is  Thanksgiving Day, my family has already decided on going to watch a movie in the cinema theatre. To honour their like, I have give up my other pending works and joined them to watch the movie.

After the breakfast, we are ready to head to the threatre in Tyson mall. Our little one give some trouble before loading up in the car , and Mom was up upset. But they are just kids and what do they really know.  I don't think we are lagging behind in disciplining them. We need to remind ourselves to be an example to them at all time. Be patient is a virtue. Kids' irritant behavior doesn't last long. So we had to go with the wind in handling them.

I recall this is our second time  for the family together to watch the movie. The movie about the Penguins is not as fun and exciting as the last time we watched. Last time, the movie is about dragon rearing  and it was action packed, and thriller.  But this time, it was not too bad. Except Karma gives little trouble in the amidst of movie, everything else went pretty smoothly. The kids also get to play a while at the Kids place, and then we had a nice lunch.  A day well spent with family on Thanksgiving.

After returning home, Choekyi urged me to shop for that Thanksgiving. She saw  some of the stores are opening earlier on Thursday night. I rose to the occasion by taking down the list of things to shop, I drove to Marcy and then to  other several stores. I got almost all the items in our list. But lining up or doing the round all the stores is so tiring for me. It is not fun for me to rummage through all the things in the stores, and   Largely, shopping is not at all my favorites pastime. 
Of the items purchased on some deal are, an expensive Vaccum, DVD player and scooter for Kunsal. A fruit blender. So on. The shopping took me hours and finally when I returned home, all they have gone to sleep. So it made me to come to xsport and do workout.

As the saying goes, when you are in Rome, do as the romans do. Allowing my kids to feel and celebrate the American culture and Christmas day is important. As they are growing up in American, they get to immerse in its culture, and be part of everything that goes in the society. I don't want them to be left out and marginalized. 

This Thanksgiving is truly memorable in another aspect, that my wife bought me some good quality dress, including several jackets, suits and T-shirt, we can pick up only on December 03.
Now I feel dousy, and need to stop here....