Sunday, November 8, 2009


A big Chinese company fooled hundreds of poor  Tibetans, and the Chinese government stand by the cheater and hauled those pathetic tibetans out of the protesting vicinity in show of force. what could happen to these Tibetans now ? if they were Chinese, would it make a difference? Will they have a more positive ending to their plight? is it not right to say, the Chinese government is run by a group of thugs, who forceably removed these Tibetans from the site of the company. The Tibetans were not given the opportunity to voice their concern, the company did not heed to their complaints. here is the details;
law abiding citizen demanding restitution for the losses incurred as consequence of joining the TIENS corporation. It is unthinkable,that the government backs up the very company that foul played with these rustic villagers and illterates.  This is yet another example, of how Tibetans can never trust the Chinese.