Monday, August 3, 2009

Eye Twitching

For several days now, my left eye started twitching in unusual regularity. It occurs mainly when I am in front of my laptop, either reading or writing. In a great sense of curiosity, I rushed to the rest room to have a close look at its movement in the mirror. Then it stopped. I waited for a while hoping that twitching will reccur but in vain. But then back to my table and I start to feed into the keyboard, and glued to the system screen, then the seismic shift under my eyes are again felt . It is playing a kind of cats and mouse game with me.

If I say this strange phenomena to someone in Tibet, maybe there is an explanation or telling either negative or positive omen associated with superstitious belief. As I am typing these words, the twitching again appeared, as if it is aware of my consciousness. I remember, elder people or illiterate villagers in the far remote corners of Tibet, would say without hesitation that when I felt my palm etching, then it is an omen that someone is going to give me a gift. And when my feet heel is trickling it is a sign that I would soon make a trip. I still remember that when your eyes, twitching, then the person you tell this would make a guess of which eyes, and if she/he makes a correct guess, then an explanation or some ominous predication follows, I dont remember what it was exactly. Now I am far away from my native place, and I have no one close by to consult what this eye twitching might be about.

As for me, I have shed off many of my superstitious belief that passed down to me during my early childhood. For example, when my current eyes are twitching, it might not be anything else, other than the positioning of my body and the direction and focus of my eyes, while I sit and type on the key boards. Or It has to something to do with the muscles movement. I wont believe that this is an buzz of anything on its way.

Similarly, when an accident took place, I don't buy it was triggered or caused by some unseen demons or spirit, rather it must have been the result of carelessness of the parties concerned. So scientific inquiry, by seeking truth and using rationality should have the upper hand in any interpretation of such strange and unusual phenomena. This leads me into another topic that has some relevance to my subject discussion, e.g fate. Many people do not fully comprehend, what is fate. As result, our whole attitude toward this fate changes. We become too submissive, we take every unfortunate things as fate, and which is inevitable. My understanding of fate is different.
We should not submit ourselves to fate, as what I understand from HH the Dalai lama's explanation of fate is that it is reversible. As when we change the course of a cause, so will be the impact of the effect. Like wise, fate is not something written and predetermined. The direction of fate can be changed. The bottom line is, let not fate control us, let us control the fate.

Yes, I must confess here, that there some certain phenomena, which has no scientific explanations. So I do believe in miracle, which is beyond our imagination and intelligence to comprehend. My eye witching is only some thing unusual for me. I try to understand its causes and in the process, it takes me back to my homeland and the people I have left behind.