Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A flake of snow

Could this be  a premonition of global warming unleashed ? In the Hollywood bluckbuster 2011, the world meets its doomsday, when the world of sea engulfed the entire earth and decimated everything on its path.

Like the ferocity of the water, a flake of snow falling on earth incessantly for just a day and two could  bring all human activities to a screeching halt. If its goes on for few more days, we might be trapped in our building for a long time. A snow storm pounded the eastcoast unlike anything before.The roads and the trees, and pathway were buried by the might of the snow. It is fun to watch the flake of snow falling on the ground, and when you catch it , it instantly turned to a wet spot. nothing visible.  Yesterday, we were walking outside and driving to work and back to home. But today, the lovely and fun snow turned to a monster, and it is frightening to watch it falling nonstop and the accomulation is immense. Never before, have i witnessed such heavy fall of snow. A colleague of mine, also confessed, it is first time seeing such a snow  in his life. It is like wading through a waist deep water. That is what he described it in a hyperbolic terms.

It is reported, some part of Maryland, thousands of household were without electricity and water. It could be very frustrating.  Thankful to our part of the area, it is all good now. we are comfortablly inside the warmth of our dwelling. I dont know what the government and institution have any emergency plan for wealther crisis.  The media inflated the danger of nuclear power and how America is ready to respond in such a calamity of the manmade catastrophe. But how about a natural calamity, should we waite until it strikes? or are we prepared for a crisis?

This winter, was unlike any other winters I spent in America. The wicked wealther, unleashed it wrath and its impact on our mobility is very severe. The washington metro politan areas  were literally buried under snow.
A heavy snow storm pounded on virginia and not a single soul could come out of their house.  As I type in it is still falling and the ground kept swelling.It is heap high.

Vehicles safely towed to the parking lots were submerged under heavy snow. The pile up outside is waistdeep. Few family braved outside to dug up a trunch along their pathway, like a military outspot. As predicated the wealther might be cleared up tomarrow on Sunday, by then it is impossible to tell what is in store for us.  The snow removal truck will have a yeoman's job to perform.

Inmate kidnapped prison guard

A Tibetan prisoner in Gandze County in eastern Tibet allegedly kidnapped the prison guard in retaliation of ill treatment.
According reliable information from Tibet, a Kandze county prisoner guard by the name of Kasong Chang was forcefully taken away by one of the Tibetan inmates in the jail, allegedly for the former’s harassment of the Tibetan prisoners. The prison inmate is a Tibetan, called Passang, who hails from Kham Payoe. The incident occurred on Feb 01, 2010 at a newly built prison in Kandze, known as Shitonchang, says one source.