Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next generation

There was a time, when we count years with our fingers as when Tibetans will be returning to  Tibet. " in a couple of years, the Tibet issue will be resolved" says by a wrinkled face  with much optimism. Nowadays, Tibetan talk of the struggles passing to the next generations and focus on how to sustain it. Have we come to a rude awaking, and the dreams of the elder Tibetans returning to thier homes vanished?

"Tibet card"

Two of the most vibrant democratic countries, both economically very strong and major global players has a one common thing. India and U.S both appears to be supporting Tibet cause superficially or concretly . However, when it comes to dealing with China. Both countries put their national interst first priority. Tibet is a game that both U.S and India plays against China and it serves as an ideal " bargaining chip".  Is this good or bad?

Kalon Tripa

In a conversation with a political savvy friend, I am told that the pick of 2011 exile
Tibetan Prime Minister is predictable. This friend shared me some insider information, and it is pretty alarming. Exile politic is playing hard. His assumption is based on certain trend in exile and indorsment by NGO regarding the candidates. I have learnt who is going to be the Kalon today, and if  it turns out to be a true in 2011, I will be surprised.