Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Commander in Chief

The Tibetan people finally accept the gift from HH the Dalai Lama. It is eventually dawned on the Tibetan people and propelled them to embrace this this gift without any reservations. It is  the gift of democracy!!!

.The post for the Tibetan Exile's commander in chief is a covetd political , power and prestigious position that aspiring candidates aim for. Individual candidates have  self publicized thier intention to run for the post, and as well as different organizations have put forth nominees. Those unofficial Kalon Tripa candidates start to gain public attention. and those strong candidates have made the Tibetan public known their missions and goals for running for the Tibetan premier's post through campaign pitches, and in their Oped articles, and at public debate. The early problem of exile society not finding candidates is no longer a problem now. Thupten Samdup's Kalontrip websites http://www.kalontripa.org/attracted  attracts close to 20 candidates .
Now the search for Kalon tripa is over and we now should focus on the search for the jobs that the next Kalon Tripa should perform in the next five years.

For Tibetan public, now is the time not to  debate on who should be voted for the post, instead the debate should focus on what should be the goals of next  five years and who will be the ideal for this job. To make it easier for the public to understand, as a start it is imperative to point at all issues of important matter  that the seven departments of Central Tibetan administaration oversees and who can best serve those issues, who can reform and impact what is necessary and urgent.

The ongoing public discussions are centred on individual candidates profile,  influenced more by their affiliation and affinity to the candidates, less on what are the important issues at stake. The real democracy should be people's full engagement not just being a passive observers and followers, but by vigorously bringing up the national issues and things that matter us more. In short, it is the peoples responsiblity to make candidates aware what is most important issues to deal within the next fives.