Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bulging Belly

"Those who commit the Sin of Gluttony are punished in Hell by being forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes". And I am  just worried about getting fat? A sumptuous feast was prepared this evening by my sister.The steaming snow white meat Momo is irressitable.  I gobbled down a dozen of these juicy and meat Momo,and I feel its effect now in my belly.  My stomache is bulging, and making my movement difficult, leaving along to sleep soundly. The only way to pass away and kill the time is to blog. Blog what has happened recently at ICT during a talk.

Last Thursday's talk by Robert Bernett at ICT was an eyeopenner for me to the origin of the Tibetan cinema and its development over the years up to date. Bernett is known to be an expert on contemporary Tibetan history. He is  the persona to be posed questions about Tibet issues by the mainstream media on every issues on Tibet. Giving his long engagement with the Tibetan movement, he is very well informed about it. Besides he has good access to informations inside Tibet.  As an academician and research scholar, he has earned quite a reputation and over all crediability as an authority on Tibet issue.

In his last Thursday talk, he traces the history of Tibetan cinema prior and post occupation. His research and collection of Tibetan films both by Chinese director and Tibetan director was very remarkable, and his thematic analysis of the genre and their phases was outstanding. The advantage of the following his lecture was the critical analysis of few scene from the various clips he showed. I felt his assessent were thourough and very detailed with sharp eyes and intelligent thoughts.Usually, most people watch movie for its entertainment and esthetic value. But following his lecture, one is empowered with the rationale and logic of such film.  The social, and economic under current of the soceity was a huge influence on the cinema. Each of the films in the three phases bringhts out the reality of the time.  His presentation was very professional and well researched and prepared one. I was not only struck by the power of his knolwedge and sharing, but also how friendly, and approachalbe he was.  It was one of my luck to befriended with this Tibetan scholar, who runs a Tibetan studies at a prestigious U.S university, in Newyork.

After basking under the illuminating knowledge of  his presention on art of Tibetan film, as usual, the social time and the afterward reception was most adoreable at ICT. A great presentation, followed by a great socializing moment. Sipping a glass of wine and snacking on a plate of fruit, assorted cheese, I rubbed shoulder with expert and scholar and influentional. I enjoyed hobnobing with people.   it was also here, I conversed with an interesing Taiwanese lady, who showed much interest on Tibet issue. 
The scene of the hall, is more like a ball party in a restaurant.  Everyone of the participants, mingling among the crows and chatting away pleasantly.  It was a great evening, and great learning.  A good choice and good judgment. i would have done something completely different for the night, rather than going to talk.  But I was overjoyed, that I could make it.

By now, even my bulging belly, starts to cooperate with me. After shoving down gallows of hot water, my belly has contracted and it feels little better.