Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It is gratifying to see three candidates nominated for the Europen Tibetan members of parliament for the upcoming MP elections. Except one young man, two of the others are familiar figures, and they have done something commendable in their life.
The best way to get recognition and self promotion is to come back to your own society and serve. As long as we are Tibetan, we can best excell on the bedrock of Tibetan society and Tibetan people.One of my friend commented, if it is not the Tibetan people, the Dalai Lama will not have his world stature as he has today. Thanks to Tibetan people's cause, we have reasons to live and hope for better future. Dedication to ones people's cause and society will pay you off handsomely.

Nature's wrath

Turn to any news and it is all about nature's wrath unleashing in full force. Asian continent from Lhadhak in India to Druchu in Tibet have experienced heavy flood , and mud slid.  Over thousands killed in mud flood and landslide in Druchok. The Time Magazine captures the scene of the devastation- it is horrifying and unnerving (The fingers is squearly pointed on China, as the cause of flood was manmade).  In Russia the hot and humid weather caused some devasting wild fire to the forest. In America, In washington, had recordbreaking scortching heat weather on continuous day. An artic Ice land broke away, with the potentional cause for more hot temperature in years to come. Global warming might be real, and H.H the Dalai Lama,s message of universal responsbility for the survival of future  humanity has gained great significance.