Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adding legs to Snake

I was reading an interesting primary school tales of idioms in Chinese language.With the help of friends, I gained some comprehension of the story. These folklores or classic tales is narrated with the focus of introducing a new idioms in Chinese. What interested me most is the freshness of the wit and wisdom in the tales. These stories are short and to the point, with sharp focus on the origin of the idioms. As our culture and tradition are passed down  through the folktale and stories. I find it very intriguing how the common and idiomatic expressions have its root.  In the following, I would like to narrate the stories that I read in Chinese.

The Crucible

Watching the movie " The Crucible" by Arthur Miller and then having read the play makes me ponder on the question of personal integrity and dignity for a faithful Christian . The word crucible according to dictionary means "a severe test or trial of ones belief and patience". In a nutshell the play is about the paradox of the unquestional believe and trust  in God and for the very reason the adherents/ followers of christian beliefs  are doomed /or costed them a heavy price.