Monday, November 30, 2009


So many good things have happened and so many people were involved either directly or indirectly in making things happen for me. I am thankful to my friends and dearones for their support and encouragment. I am thankful for the success and acheivement that comes on my way, despite of all the obstacles and challenges. Everything is so internected, and everybody is contributing in s different subtle ways  for the good things to happen. I am thankful to the ones who shared their sincere opinions on an issue of concern, so that widened my perspective and enable me to look at the issue from different angles. I am thankful to the ones who believed in me and who stood by me when the going is getting tough. I am thankful to my dearones who understands me and trust me without any question. And I am also thankful to those people who have also shown how the the world is imperfect.
The most important thing and a joy of life, which is truly immeasureable is our little Kunsal. Words can not express the true gratitude, and happiness parents experienced with the birth of their child. Kunsal is life's biggest and invalueabel gift for us.