Sunday, July 26, 2009

A True Champion

When I was 17, I sling over a gun and run hither and thither along with my companions at the Tibetan Armed Resistance in Mustang. Said Jamyang Norbu (JN) at a talk in Toroton In Canada, which I looked up in Youtube. JN is one of Tibetan exile's most vocal advocate for Rangzen and no doubt a great political commentator, I had the fortunate to speak with him on Tibet issues.

By his look, he probably well past over his middle age. Based on my knowledge of Tibetan people's struggle, JN's contribution for the sustainability of the Tibetan people's movement, political awareness has been immeasurable giving the effort of Tibetan individual.

The more I read and listen to his thoughts and ideas on Tibet politics and, the more I respect him as great Tibetan. When listening to his speech at a Toroton in Canada, right before the Olympics in China, JN called for Tibetans to rise up and do whatever an individual is capable of doing for the Tibetan cause. He has a great vision and he is passionate and realistic in his goal for Tibetan independence. At the meeting JN outlined the possibility of China's downfall and Tibetan opportunity for a free country.

JN is not only a literary critic, he is a renowned political commentator, sometimes even transgressing the redline. Undeterred by any minor incidents of hostility and potential mob violence against his unanticipated comments and writings on HH the Dalai Lama's person and entourage , he set up Tibetan weekly newspaper in the early 90s, as a springboard for public discussion on contemporary Tibet issues. The paper become extremely popular, but editor's particular comments relating to the persons of HH the Dalai Lama, backfired. Probably he touched on the nerve of Tibetan people. As result of his open and bold commets, he was not only threatened but hassled in the Dharamsala streets. Elder Tibetan people jeered at him for his unholy comments fueled by rumor mongers . Eventually, "Mangtso' did not survive and subsequently Ani Machen institute lost its lustre.

The other day, in my conversation with a relative in South India, he excitedly reported to me, that JN came to Sera and gave talk to to the monks on the theme of "Rangzen". Surprisingly the monks, majority of them applauded his individual efforts in bringing awareness and education to the Tibetan masses on Rangzen. And of course there are few monks who appeared to be agitated with JN for his off the exile official and the Dalai lama's approach to solve Tibet issues.
True to his words, JN's tour to south India is aimed to reach out to the Tibetans people and remind them that "Rangzen" can not be belittled and forgotten. I believe JN learnt to carefully chose his words when talking of the Dalai Lama. He has finally understands it to his own advantage. For I noticed in his speech, he referred to Gyalwang Ripoche with sincere reverence and veneration. That goes well with the Tibetan people. JN is a true shining star, and he is a practical and action oriented man. Exile Tibetan needs more of such a patriotic and intelligent person and less of political demagogue, who is all talk ,no action.

Honorary citizenship

Tibet may not be recognized as a nation, but Tibet's temporal and spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is recognized as indisputable leader of the six million Tibetan. The upcoming Polish city Warsaw's conferment of honorary citizenship to the Dalai Lama is one of the numerous laurels recognizing Tibet leadership on international stage, unsurpassed by any leaders of a free nation.

Tibetan people across the three provinces in Tibet, tuned in to Tibetan international broadcaster, for this wonderful piece of information. As what is called, opinion leader or community leader in Tibet's rural, remote areas shares news and views of Tibetan in exile, particularly the activities of the Dalai lama to their fellow friends.

Each time when the profile the Dalai Lama's international stature raised high, so is the spirit of the Tibtan people in Tibet. Dalai Lama is almost identical to Tibet nation and Tibetan people. World recognition for the Dalai Lama is a matter of great prestige for the Tibetan people in general and the Tibetan movement in particular.

The Chinese government will expectantly rebuke, threaten polish city Warsaw for consequence with such a open defiance of China's anger. It will be another good media publicity for Tibet issue and probably the in unrest Xijiang. I am sure that media are dying to ask questions to the Dalai lama on events in East Turkistan. The Dalai Lama has tactfully issued an appeal letter to the Chinese government to restrain from their dealing with the uighers and send his prayers for the victims of the violence. But now he will come out into the world stage, in front of media and journalist, and the Dalai Lama needs to be prepared to voice his views and concern on the issues. This is where the Tibetan exile government needs to have a spokesman.

It is as i already wrote ones, a great public relation strategy, and the Tibetan exile government has not issued any formal statement on the Uigher protest, can they remain silent ?. The Dalai Lama has to walk on a tight rope, for both side, the Chinese and the Uigher can both be offended by a slight misstep by the Dalai Lama. His Holiness the Dalai Lama sometimes can be very direct and blunt in his address to the media and several misinterpretation already occurred, that the exile government has to frantically correct, as pointed out in an article by JN.

His Holiness the Dalai lama's foreign tour often bring tremendous attention to the issue ofTibet, and there is sufficient media interest on his charismatic personality and his appealing messages. Tibetan people inside Tibet followed closely, to the news of the Dalai Lama's engagement with Western nations, and this too keep up their hope for an eventual solution for the Tibet issue and to their plight. There is no doubt that after the conferment of the U.S congressional gold medal to HH the Dalai Lama in 2007, Tibetan peoples; hope and spirit were never so upbeat, and it had a ripple effect on the last year's massive protest in Tibet. The Dalai lama's congressional gold medal award DVD is a much sought after watch in Tibet. This simple event ignited the freedom fire of Tibetan people that engulfed the entire three Tibetan provinces.
By offering the honorary citizenship to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the polish people pays their deepest respect to this man of peace, who embrace universal peace and responsibility. It will be an honor for the War city, as stated by city council leader to recognize the Dalai Lama's role for world peace. May, HH the Dalai Lama live 1000 years !!!!