Thursday, August 12, 2010


A wealthy Tibetan business man was sentenced to life on charge of "funding exile groups". The owner of famous Yak Hotel in lhasa was trialed secretly in June and sentenced to life, says sources. The Tibetan tycoon as some called was arrested after March 10,2008 protest in Lhasa. I have heard something about this early, but did not confirm, until AP carried the story with confirmation from Lhasa about the sentence. It is unfathomable as how Tibetans are targeted, and if the charge was true. Yeshi, was very successful Tibetan entrepreneur who was recognized  by the Chinese as one of the most young influential Tibetan . He was even member of communist party. The Chinese government have not made his sentence public but the it was confirmed news.
What the Chinese governments says to Tibetan through these high profile sentences---Karma Samdup, Shugdong, and now Tashi Dorjee.
What the Tibetans should take out of these phenomenon?