Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Bosterious Party

After attending few get-together party at the end of the year 2015, I have a taste of fun time and merriment for a sustained period. I say it is a temporary sensory pleasure, not at all lasting joy or happiness, which we only might attain from spiritual attainment and salvation.

The first time it was the gathering of friends from Tibet, where raising your glass to ruckus of revelers and the tasting food was unforgettable. Then at our family friend Pema's house, we had yet another ball around Thanksgiving.

Staying late into the night, singing a song to toast and dancing to the tune of traditional Tibetan dance is a hit. And the most recent one was at another friend's house. Where the gathering was small and limited to parents and kids, but still we stayed late night and sing song and danced to our joy. I heard some say that without music, life is boring. While I can say, with music life is enlivened and added pleasure.

Such get -together is fun and stress relieving.  We savoured sumptuously the delicious food while the kids are playing together in separate rooms. The absence of children gives the parents time to themselves for some relief and fun from their regular stressful parenting.   My only concern is that while the parents and kids both have some good time, the loser is the kids. They do not go to bed at their usual time, because of such party. And I also don't know if leaving them all to themselves during our partying time is a good idea.

Some young boys, are little rough and playing aggressively sometimes. To the point of quarrel and conflict that is not healthy at all for young kids. The children have been left without much parental supervision, play their games and watch TV often in a small secluded room,away from the sight of their parents and elders, which might not be sensible things.

 I have clandestinely observed their movement, and most of the time, kids are engrossed in watching a movie on their tablets or TV and Other. Other times, they play video games.

On this Christmas Eve, we host a dinner for our friends at our house.  Tsering has worked out a menu, and everyone has been invited.  In total at Tenzin Kunsal's call and tally, there are over 30 people old and small. This is probably he biggest gathering in our house for years.   T  prepares and purchases things for the dinner. I have cleaned the room, and did my part for the success of the party.

This ones a while get- together is a social norm; that builds friendship, networking and rapporteur. A sense of Tibetanness is felt with all Tibetan friends coming under one roof.

Two essential things I learnt when attending  for such party is that you should, at least, be able to sing few songs. So when it comes to your turn, it will not be a bombshell.  The second thing is participating in the merriment is important in any way possible, so you will not feel out of touch. Since such gathering often disrupts the kids' regular hours or sleeping pattern, so such mass of the adult should be minimized.

As at all, another place, the Christmas Eve, party at our house is another joyful occasion.   Again late night, doing a round of sing songs and drinking into the wee hours, is a way of living for work and not working for living philosophy of life. . But I left sorry for the kids, who are left to themselves with minimum interference.

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