Thursday, January 9, 2014

Party With Purpose

The New Year Eve party organized by the Tibetan Sunday School parents was a "resounding" success, so claimed by the organizing committee. if the party was deemed to be a success, it could be because of the turn out, the show items, and the food.

Turn out:
The party was held at a familiar location. The last time I recall of such a well attended audience in that hall was one of the first Tibetan wedding event I went. The good draw of people was largely because of the prior ticket sales. Any event to be successful, it must be well planned and executed. The New Year Eve party was planned well ahead by a team of organizing committee lead by the Sunday School president, Mr. Lhundup.
Through the division of labour, the required task of the party was evenly assigned. Though I could not take part in the preparatory meeting , but my share of the work was to prepare food and sell tickets. Which I have done dutifully.Flyers are put out on facebook to advertise the New Year bash. Tickets are printed, the parents are tasked to sell minimum 10 tickets. The ticket selling in advance, has many advantages. Those purchasing tickets are compelled to attend, otherwise the money goes to donation for the parents association.Having the tickets in advance, served an incentive to attend.

As the turn out was good, so was the item shows one after another. My little daughter took part in the Tibetan alphabet sing  song with a group. Dressed in her sparking Tibetan chupa, she really looks beautiful.
The praise and applause heaped on Kunsal by friends and acquaintance  was above my ability to count. When at the stage,she was standing in front, because of being the smallest child. As the background music blared, the first grade students sang along the music, and it sounds interesting and melodic. Twitching her head and swaying her torso, Kunsal assumed a serious facial countenance. Do kid never smile at a party night?

Among other entertainments show, one of the girl's Indian dance was spectacular. The students in four different section put on variety show.  One most memorable show of the night, was obviously stole by flutes played by two adult students. it was beautiful and fantastic showcase of their  talent. While for the students, who stand up on the stage to announce or dance, have received positive reaction from the audience. For some it could be the night of a life changing experience and moment. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic responses of the organizing committees and the students, the audience turn out was far better than anything I could  think of. The hall's capacity has almost fully filled.

Not only the regular Capital Areas Tibetans are the sole attendants, they are many new faces in the crowd. Those include, many injis. Parents came with their little ones. and the children played joyfully in the hall.

As the entertainment draw to a close, the super prepared by the parents was sumptuous. it was amazing that the home prepared food serve the entire people in the hall. The food was plenty, and delicious. That have done the work of taking care of party-goers appetite. A stroll down to the end of hall, you reach to a bar counter, where party revelers boozing.    

Ms. Tenzin Yangchen, a local Tibetan amateur photographer has captured all glamor and glittering of the new year celebration party. Through her lens, the cheerful well -clad party-goers are shot. The well decorated hall looks superb in the snaps.  Some of our friends shot several pictures of me and my wife and other friends, turn out fabulous. Those become  a facebook favourit photos..

When this Sunday, the organizing committee accounted the party event.  They have a positive balance sheet, to the profit of over a thousand dollar. So was the New year party as resounding success. I bet it was in its own term.  This demonstrated the power of coming together hand in hand and the beauty of community building.    

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