Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Field Trip With Kunsal

I havent blogged for a while now. Why I didnt do the thing that I love ?.

The easy answer is , simply no time.

But today, I stole a moment to come to Oakton library, and fortunately, I arrive on time for the book sale. Every one brought big bags to fill in their books and stood in line before the library opens at 1:00pm.  I wasted no time to rush in and scuttered to the piles of books displayed in the hall ways and meeting rooms. As the sales are great, with paperbacks only $1:00, so I have scooped up all the available attractive classic works of fiction and literature, as those are my favourite readings.

  There are many familiar fictions that I have already read once and that had an impact on me, and yet there are other books that I have not read yet. I have also picked up few interesting books for children and besides few DVDs that is on sale for $2.  After about half hours of searching and selecting, I have filled two bags full of books, and only cost me 41$, at a give- away price. I felt at that moment how wonderful and useful it will be that if I could take all these books and donate Tibetan school library in India.

I called TS to come and see if she could find anything interesting  for the kids. But alas, her favourite pastime is go to the malls and be hooked to the sale signs of the clothing stores, rather the treasure of knowledge that is the books . Yes I can not deny that she made good choice most of the time, but many a time, what is bought unused and stacked away somewhere in the closets.

While, this was a moment after I returned from a school field trip, accompanning my five year kunsal.

This morning, I arrived at school half hours prior to depature. I attended the field trip as a chaperon and we are assigned six kids in each group, that we oversee.

The trip to the hidden nature pond in Fairfax county Public park is a well organized trip filled with fun and learning for the kids. The kids behaved so well, largely thanks to Mr. Everage's skillful guidance throughout the trip.  

They are introduced to the life of native American, and it was an eye-opening experience even for an adult. With a sense of humility, I havent thought much about the native American people until then. Today's lesson to the children is a learning for me as well.

Within  the alloted time, so much is done so effectively by these 5 years kids.

This field trip is a great learning opportunity for the kids. it sparked their imagination, creativity, and  piqued their curiosity and showed ways to appreciate the nature.

The quality of education and opportunity for such innovative learning that our  kids are exposed to is  truly amazing.  

I wonder after observing everything at the field trip, what parent can expect other than this kind of experiential learning under a  caring and loving environment.

There wont be anything on the earth that a parent can send kids to, other than the  school to learn self-discipline.   

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