Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Thanksgiving Gift

As Thanksgiving come closer, I chosen to give myself a gift. A gift that will change my over all well being.

 On November 25,2014, coinciding the Xsport membership Appreciation Day, I have purchased one year membership at 530$, plus one year free membership and plus one guest pass. That means I have two year memberships with two year  guest pass. I have taken this deal keeping in mind of Choekyi's need for physical exercise as well as my own.

Raising kids is challenging and very strenuous on physical and emotional level. But keeping ourselves fit is overarching any other interests and issues in our life.  A physical well being brings confidence and happiness to one self. It would relieve stress and helps to manage our daily life more efficiently. Over the pretense of looking after kids, Choekyi and I appear to have neglected our health. Looking at myself in the mirror, the person that looks back at me is not longer that young, slim and toned guy.  He is much heavier and plumper, with a bulging stomach. My annual wellness check had adequately warned me that I have get back to my normal routine of rigorous physical activities.  My body mass is way over than the normal, and there are  several other indicators of excess, that I have to deal with.   So signing up for two years gym membership is a great Thanksgiving gift for myself. Whether at work and at home, being physically fit is a   As now I have two sweet kids and I really need to in good health for now and in the long run, so that I can always be with them and be there for them. On top of that this gym membership will prevent me from indulging in bad habit.

This is my commitment that I will get out the best from the leadership  it in two years.

  As for Choekyi, I implore her to get into physical routine. And this opportunity of one guest pass is a perfect fit for her.  Choekyi too have a noticeable protruding belly, that she herself feels embarrassing. So I hope she will take Zuba class and any other that she likes. Daily work out will tremendously help her to reduce stress and anxiety, and frustration of dealing with kids all day.

This time I will be urging Choekyi to start a regular schedule for her routine exercise. Nothing should hold her back. Since Kunsal is attending class, and we can also bring the younger one here and we both can do exercises together. Partly what convinced to sign up one year membership is that it is not only me, I cared Choekyi's own well being. So the deal allows both of us to enjoy the facilities for two years. That is a really attractive package. We will get our money's worth provided that we use the membership more frequently  and consistently.

As I started workout today, for few hours and now sitting in front of the computer at the lounge is truly rewarding, for I could blog each time to my satisfaction and content. Let begins it from today, and let embrace to the change and be the change.

Ones a while, it is so crucial to have a sense of intimacy with Choekyi and companionship. I hope this opportunity will provide us that.  So this Thanksgiving membership sign up is a way of rewarding and be good to myself, which I have not been so good.


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