Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saturday Project

                                                            Saturday Project
“Your carpet is the most valuable thing in the house and shouldn’t you do anything to keep it from wear and tear.” This conversation is what rings in my ear from my faint recollection of an encounter with a rug cleaner; who knocks on your door soliciting. While I couldn’t agree more with what he said. I want my carpet to last long and stay sparklingly clean. With this in my mind and taking into consideration of my little ones’ welfare and their hygiene, I was motivated to hatch the plan for my Saturday project. It is to clean our rooms with rug doctor cleaning machine. Yes, it is a project, with a plan in mind and goal set for a target time.

Dhargyal is a handy man. He is vigorous and deft with handling any machine. He solves problems, and he follows instructions. Without him, my Saturday project could not be materialized.
In consultation with Dhargyal, my project is set to start on Saturday, February 01, 2014. It is the only available time for both of us.

I went to the Safeway store, last night and paid around 50$ to borrow the rug cleaning machine and solution that goes into the water for the cleaning.
Dhargyal has done his shift and called me to inquire on my project, right when I was waiting for his show up.
I have set the rooms ready for the cleaning, by vacuuming and putting away furniture to give way for the streaming and shampooing.

Upon Dhargyal’s arrival, we set into motion. In the initial the machines appear to be not in perfect working condition. But we set everything right, and it starts to roaring to operate perfectly.  Beginning from the sitting room, we went about in a systematic manner to get every part of the room washed with shampoo and then rinsed. While DG handled the Rug Doctor, I snooped around to find stained areas and apply the extra solution and brushed it.

Buckets of soiled darkish water sucked in the water dispenser of the machine. It is from our area rug; the tiger striped rug. As far as I can recall, this is for the first time, in years that we are cleaning it.

By pushing and pulling back the machine, it is a sturdy little work of the two men. But both of us are enthusiastic about getting it done. Buckets after buckets of water went into the filler and outcome with dark water. And I threw out the dirty water out into the backyard.
After finishing up with the sitting room, I let Dhargyal go, for he looks exhausted, But I continued to clean and stayed up till 11:00 PM and completed the basement carpet to my great satisfaction.
The next day, Dhargyal returned after driving Acha to Wholefood.
We resumed the cleaning, and all in all, we have thoroughly done with three rooms.

What an achievement for my Saturday project!.
When my families return, the rooms are neat and ready for my hygiene freak spouse and my go-happy kids. 50$ investment had a hearty return; the area rug is now again beaming with luster and the floor carpets are spotless.
My Saturday project was resounding success, time well spent. I want my carpet to live long, and this cleaning goes a long way to help its longevity.


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