Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Talk on f Gendered Issue.

Gendered Issue in traditional Society

“When you educate a man, you educate a person, when you educate a woman, you educate a family”. This age old wisdom is shared by many in today’s world. I don't know how the importance of educating a girl child even dawned to a Tibetan woman. But the fact is some Tibetan NGOs doing fantastic projects in Tibet, nurturing and empowering Tibetan girls through education, encouragement, and opportunities. I had attended a presentation by a Tibetan young lady, who has been invited by Machik in Washington D.C.  It was a thrilling experience for me to see a young Tibetan girl speaking fluent English and presenting a well-organized and well-researched information on the topic of the gendered issue in Tibetan traditional society. As a Tibetan herself, doing a presentation on such a controversial, unpopular and rather an ignored subject must have been challenging.
But here she was in the Capital of world’s most powerful nation and advocating for woman’s equal rights. That is indeed amazing, and I was awestruck.
Machik, is NGO that does outreach project, aiming to educate more rural Tibetan girl children. I am not that familiar with its projects. But quick peek through its brochures, gives you an idea of the organization’s direction and objectives. I had personal experience with Tibetan girl children, and their denial of their rights of good education, which is reserved for boys, such as schooling, etc. If my sisters got the opportunity to attend a school, and if she ever got the same kind of attention as myself, she would have more confident and more intelligent and more capable than being an illiterate at over age 45. Her life was made difficult, because of the society's preferential treatment of boys over girls. Woman's right is human rights and not enough is done to elevate their status.  So I commend organization like Machik, focusing on girls education.
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama's first major step after arriving in exile, was to ensure that Tibetan children were properly educated and schooled.  I agree without a good education for Tibetans; we will not be able to continue with our struggle.  Education is key to realize fully ones potential to serve the society and self.
The remarkable girl who make the presentation called Lhamo Tsok. She appears to be a typical Tibetan girl and unusual sociable, thanks to the education she received. She is short, and her cheeks are reddish and has the appearance of someone who has weathered many storms in their life.  The skill, confidence and the fluency in her delivering are impressive. She was a living testament to what is possible when a girl is educated. Undoubtedly, they are no less capable than a man.
She was invited to present on the topic "Gendered issue in Tibetan traditional society" at Machik office in D.C. She handled the issue deftly and skillfully with a salient sense of humor and a sporadic injection of personal anecdote. The content is rich and well done.She used familiar  Tibetan story and the ancient tale to analyze her points and illustrate her thoughts.
What appeals me by her presentation,  is a well prepared a speech that is delivered fluently and seamlessly. 
Is it the right approach? It is hard to say, how much is the gender issue, a real problem in Tibetan society?. Since  I am a Tibetan myself I might be prejudiced against this topic. Even though the topic shouldn't be taboo, I also believe the gender issue shouldn't be too hyped and politicized, to the point where its very purpose will lose its luster.  It is the right approach to fighting for girls rights from an equal opportunities perspective.  But it is little too inflated to say, that the girls, rights are grossly trampled, to the point where legislation and major overhaul are required in the society.   Since both boy and girl should be given equal rights, it is time that the society and individual family should be able to walk the talk.
My impression on the gendered issue is an eye-opening. I have given little thoughts on this social issue until this presentation, which has impressed me. Fighting for girls equal right for educational opportunity is a daunting task in the third world, where discrimination against girls is systematic and institutionalized.
As someone has said before, that when you educate a boy, you educate a person, when you educated a girl you educate society.  This adage underscores the importance of girls education for nation building and poverty elevation and for a more healthy society. 

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