Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two brother killed.

Feb 09, Thursday. Two Tibetan brothers have been shot dead by Chinese forces in Drango.

One of them was a monk, Yeshi Rigsal , age 40 from Drango monastery, and his younger brother Yeshi Samdup, age 38, layperson

Yeshi Samdup took part for the recent Jan 23rd, mass protest in Kham Drango and he was injured on his hand by gun shot during protest.

He didn’t receive any medical treatment and he has been hiding on the hills, a nomad place in Drango County.

On Feb 09, armed Chinese security forces closed in where he was sheltering and shot dead both brothers.

It was unknown under what circumstance the two brothers were killed.

Their father’s name is Garrab Nyima and mother , Sanglha.

Kalsang, a Drepung monk, in South India, who is also originally from Norpa village in Drango said

“Yeshi Rigsal, was among those injured on Jan 23 protest in Drango, he has been on the run and the Chinese security forces have encircled the place where he was staying and shot him and his brother. Both were killed on the spot.

Another Tibetan monk, Phuntsok from Drepung monastery who is familiar with the situation in Drango confirmed the story.

“It happened around this morning Feb 09. It is said that the monk Yeshi Rigsab has been hiding in a nomad, when the Chinese security forces encircled the place. But the reason for the police shooting could not be clearly ascertained, as getting detailed information from Drango become difficult. The nomadic families are scattered and I assume the two brothers might have confronted the Chinese security forces.

Many Tibetans who are suspects of having involvement on the recent protest were rounded up in Drango County, and the Chinese armed police have tightened security in Norpa village in Drangro county.

The deceased monk, Yeshi Rigsal has studied few years in Drepung monastery in South India, and later he returned back to his native place and joined Drango monastery in Drango County.

His brother Yeshi Sangdup is survived by his wife and child.

The internet and phone line was cut off and any attempt to confirm the story with locals in Drango by our stringer was not successful.

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